Download Kik v7.2.1.96

Kikkik is messaging app which is also commonly known as kik messenger. It was initially released seven years ago and had millions of users within couple of month. We have many ways to send messages to our loved one but in today world we mostly communicate through texting. We can text one another through many communication app but kik is different from all of them. What makes kik unique from all other application is that it have so many features within it. Some of the folks may feel anxious while giving their phone number for sign up but Kik make them carefree as providing a phone number is optional in it. This communication app had faced so many controversies but in 2017 it came up with so many features and is stable till now. Now it have 300 millions of registered users.

 Kik connects people around the world. You can explore interesting people as well as places, all you have to do is just scan kik code. If you love to play games then there is no need to leave Kik you can play games within it. Against child exploitation Kik provided a feature where by activating bots in group kik take action against threats. You can share videos that you previously recorded with your friends. If you want to find any content then you can use kik browser and you can also share this content with the people you are connected. Kik do not charge for messages, so you can easily text your friends in every seconds for absolutely free. You need just an internet connection for start chatting.

Features of kik v7.2.1.96

Following are the features of Kik v7.2.1.96

  • Customize theme of chats
  • Filter for pictures
  • No phone number requirement

How to download Kik v7.2.1.96

Following are the steps to download Kik v7.2.1.96 

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Download Kik apk.
  3. Open file manager>>search downloaded apk>>toggle on install.
  4. After complete installation you can start using Kik for chatting.

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