Download Kik v6.4.0.38

KikKik is the super fast mobile communication app which connect you with your friend only by sharing username and Kik code. We use a lot of communication app but none of them is like Kik as Kik allow you to do so many things within it. Today memes areĀ  on trending if you love to express yourself through meme then you can easily find numerous number of meme in Kik. There is no need to leave Kik for google search because it has a feature of asking a bot where you can easily get your answer. When you get bore you can ask bot so many questions frequently. Phone number is recommended but it is optional.

Kik allow you to create interesting stories. You can change your profile picture and chat colour. You can explore public groups to make the friend who having same interest like you.

Kik is an interesting messaging app and having feature of all other communication application for example like all other apps you can send messages for free and like hike app Kik allow its users to have conversation with bots. You can set your background photo along with your profile picture. You can select categories in which you have interest. Further these categories are use to match peoplc having same interest as yours

Features of Kik v6.4.0.38

Following are the feature of Kik v6.4.0.38

  • Can ask bots frequent questions
  • Phone number is recommended but optional to give
  • Free unlimited messages just by connecting it with internet connection
  • Can block unwanted users
  • No need to search on google as you can do it on Kik bot.

How to download Kik v6.4.0.38?

Following are the steps to download Kik v6.4.0.38

  1. Download Kik apk
  2. Navigate to the file manager and search for downloaded kik apk
  3. Click on” install”.
  4. After the complete installation you can start chatting with your friends.


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