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  • Stop the bouncing

    By TheMeeps
    I just updated the app and now the candies are doing a bounce after they move down. I hate it. Stop changing how this game looks and operates.
  • U keep wining it will crash

    By rayoooooooooooooooooooooo
    I’ve had this up for years now in different devices. Every time i Winn several levels in a row ie when i have a streak going it “crashes” this means loosing all your perks you get for not loosing well there is that … and also to add to that when you are number one a “player” appears at last minute who some how in one minute surpasses all streaks taking away your rewards this well to make you spend money in the app which i wont lie i have spend many in here but i stopped so there it is yes good game addictive also yes but the app tries to make you spend money one way or another if not it will crash on you which i got to be stressed relief but this just stressed me more so ill just delete it from no on
  • Great game recommendation

    By derpydoge127
    If you love candy crush you should try huniepop 1 and 2. They are on sale right now 80% off on steam only and are like this game. 9/10.
  • Crashes

    By C@ndiii18
    If you are winning multiple levels it kicks you out and makes you restart the level you just completed. Which also makes you lose your streaks that you have
  • Pack the court

    By Freje
    illegitimate SCOTUS
  • Crashes constantly & takes away lives/resets challeneges

    By katiepitts27
    I’ve been playing this game since it first came out over 10 years ago. It has always been my favorite game but the last 3 months I have not experienced crashes in the game like I have now. After I’ve played it for a certain amount of time, the whole thing will freeze up & log me out. This will happen while I’m in the middle of trying to complete challenges where you have to beat 7 levels in a row on your first try. Obviously if it crashes & you come back in, it has taken away a life & you have to start all over. Imagine how frustrating it would be to spend gold bars to make sure you can pass a level all for it to crash out on you? I think that’s the idea here. The crashes didn’t start until they added the 7 levels in a row challenge. I have had this game crash out on me 50+ times. I’ve emailed support & receive no response back. They don’t care if you spend money on gold bars that you lose when their app crashes. This is honestly a very cheap move on their part & I think it’s unacceptable. Somehow I still manage to win these challenges so I have plenty of gold bars but I don’t plan on spending another dime on this game & I used to every now & then. They aren’t worth your money if they can’t email you back or give you an updated version that fixes the crashes.
  • Love the new app crashing feature

    By amarky123
    My favorite part of this game is when I’m on pretty good win streak and then in the middle of a level, the app just crashes so you lose all the power ups. It’s so fun. So clever of them to keep me on my toes like that
  • Profile Picture

    By hogsetter
    Saw a pink lollipop that turned into a troll, don’t know if it’s some kind of badge or their profile picture, would really love to have one I play this game all the time. Thank You!!!!!!
  • Upgrade issue

    By cc no nickname
    Just upgraded my app today and lost all of my boosters. I had won the weekly contest and had accumulated quite a few
  • My Candy Crush Reward

    By veronicamdimick
    It is very fun but the controls are a bit laggy and I think it is too hard on some levels and to easy on others but overall a great game!!