Ant Legion

Ant Legion


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Welcome to The Underground World! You will be leading a small but mighty species of the natural world: the ants! Make strategic decisions to develop your ant legions and build an underground empire! —— Surviving the underground world —— 【High-quality graphics showcase the world of ants 】 Lincensed by renowned natural science photography sites Thousands of HD photos of ants across the globe Learn about the natural world through playing our game 【Build your own ant colony】 Expand your colony and build up your base! Deploy the best builders of the natural world Plan the development of your colony and design an underground fortress! 【Hatch giant ants and strengthen your legions】 Ants from all corners of the world! Hatch and raise to different types of ants for your legions! Train your ants into resilient soliders and destroy your enemies! 【Battle over resources】 Find essential resources such as water and food for your colony! Slay predators and protect your resources! 【Forge alliances】 Don’t mess with the swarm! Build alliances to survive and thrive! Ensure survival through cooperation and allies! 【Gather your swarms and compete for the last tree stump!】 Lead your ant legions to glory! Survival of the fittest! [Help] Do you need help? Feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an Email at: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



  • Bad game

    By 💯🤣🤣😊😅🙏🙏
    When o look at the ads for this game it’s a fun game but. Once you download it it’s a different game and your need to watch ads most of the time to play and get rewards.

    By Dee1Dena101
    Very Rogue Don’t play it
  • Clickbait

    By graygrayomg
    I saw this game on a YouTube ad. It did not match the ad, in the ad it said you could make your own ant, you can’t. Also it’s graphics are absolutely trash, do not recommend.
  • ⚠️Clickbait and not generally fun to me⚠️

    By Icewolfbam
    I saw this game in an ad, and I hoped the game would be like the ad. When I downloaded it, it was NOTHING like the ad!!!! I played for awhile and built up my base, bit by bit, but I didn’t enjoy it. Please, if your going to download this game, try it out first and if you don’t like it, do what you want. I didn’t generally like it, because I thought it would be a bit different. Just stop fake advertising!!! 😡
  • This game is not like the add

    By Gagahahahahge
    This game is so cap
  • It’s the best feeling

    By of the two and great going
    I love it so much
  • More ants !!!!!!!

    By Ants! 13467
    It is a really fun game but 1 problem there is not enough specialized ants please more specialized ants! And the fake ads are annoying. but it’s a good game.
  • Good but no tower defense?

    By Th3Terabyte
    Good but no tower defense?
  • Tallboyzaza report

    By bc juychj
    Y’all need to update the game where there are more ants and more ways to level them up and make our resources be more don’t try to be like everybody else make the game in y’all way that’s how more people going to play and have more things where we kan fight have rewards kome on Ik y’all kan do this
  • No way!

    By Zuse2
    Yet another game where the ad has nothing to do with the actual gameplay. Kinda boring but if you are extremely bored sure.