Download Kik v8.6.1.1576

KikKik is an online messaging app that is designed to keep the anonymity of the users and providing the best possible chatting user interface at the same time and for absolutely free of charge. You can stay in touch with all your contacts family and friends because the app is available for almost all devices and operating systems and it is free to use. The anonymity feature of Kik is the main attraction for users to use this app because it does not require you to provide your personal phone number, email or any other detail to make a new Kik account and no one can look up your account by using your phone number or Email address, the only way a person can find out your account on this app is by using your exact username and nothing else which makes using Kik I really safe alternative for the people who don’t want unwanted disturbance by anyone.

If you have children then you would understand that most of the parents have no choice but to give their children their own Smartphones and the freedom of using them but sometimes you are worried that they might end up giving out their personal information to the wrong people but with quick you can be sure that they are being anonymous on the Internet and are not providing their personal information unintentionally because if a user on Kik experiences harassment by other users then they can simply change the username of their account in a minute and avoid it forever. You can also turn on the parent lock on the app so you can have the peace of mind that your children are safe and Kik has also partnered up with Connectsafety which is an anti-sexual exploitation group that includes Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Download Kik v8.6.1.1576 for Android

  • Visit this webpage using the fastest browser on your phone.
  • Download Kik.
  • Locate the downloaded apk and install it.
  • Start messaging.

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