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  • My review

    By hpfyodbckhx
    I used to like TeamSnap, it was a great way to find where and when my games/practices were. But randomly my TeamSnap just bugged and whenever I open the app it just gives me an error message. No way to fix it, you name it, I’ve tried it. Please help.
  • No way to add events to calendar

    By Anselshaw
    App tells me to change privacy settings to allow calendar access. There is no way to do this.
  • With all the ads it is almost unbelievable

    By Oliver Deez
    Yes, I know there is an ad free version, but come on, 1.99 a month is ridiculous. You need to cut back on the ads and check yourself with the privacy concerns! If you are charging for ads you should not be double dipping with mining personal data. Shameful business practices.
  • Bug with Add to Calendar

    By m0cy
    After reinstall, the new version of the app does not ask for Calendar access permission (when trying to Add to Calendar), and just fail. Please fix!
  • Helpful ish but littered with ads

    By Hardtimedk
    Our team has paid for the pro version. The app is still full of ads, so many that the app it self is barely helpful. We are planning to switch to a different app after this season.
  • Need Help

    By Hawaii5 o
    I used to be able to manually add games that the manager entered. Now it is telling me I have to go to settings- privacy - calendars and make sure Team Snap is in calendars. There is no way to do this. I have messaged your team multiple times with no resolution. Please help and I will gladly change my review.
  • Privacy invasion!

    By Eggiers
    In order to use the app to put events in your calendar TeamSnap forces you to give not only write access in permissions but also read access. There is zero reason TeamSnap needs to read your calendar except to ingest your entire calendar to invade your privacy and do who knows what with the data. I’m happy to watch some ads or pay a few bucks to use the app - but not to have a company invest every single detail of the events of my life. Gross.
  • Bug with calendar add feature

    By Galen H.
    For some reason TeamSnap no longer requests access to calendar on iOS, so I can’t add any events to my calendar since it doesn’t have permission. When I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, some unreadable warning (text didn’t fit within error message) mentioned iOS versions but I couldn’t tell what it said. I’m currently running iOS 17.3.1.
  • Great but glitchy

    By Luana @ Aliria APA
    Super easy to navigate! However, as a TM, when I try to enter in a new game or edit a game, it suddenly shuts off, losing all information. I have to go back into the app and start from the beginning. It happens extremely frequently. Please fix!
  • Schedule freezes on iPad

    By whateverbs
    The app completely freezes every time I go to the schedule and I can never scroll down to see any games below the fold. I have to close the app every time to get back to any other features. App is useless without a schedule…