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  • Release Date: 2022-10-18
  • Current Version: 19.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
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  • Developer: Nuverse
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.77508
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Start playing MARVEL SNAP today - the Mobile Game of the Year Award Winner loved by millions of players around the world. MARVEL SNAP is a fast-paced collectible card game with innovative mechanics that's designed for mobile. Build your deck of 12 cards. Each Card represents a Marvel Super Hero or Villain, each with a unique power or ability. The goal of the game is to outsmart and outwit your opponent. Learning how to play only takes a few minutes, and matches only take 3-minutes. Download now and find out what everyone is talking about! 3-MINUTE GAMES! No more waiting around! Every game lasts only around three minutes. We cut out the fluff to focus more on the good stuff. PLAY MORE, EARN MORE Every player begins with a FREE starter deck that helps you get started on your journey. From there, play at your own pace because there are no energy barriers, no ads, and no limits to your play. Unlock your favorite characters, and discover hundreds of new ones as you earn new cards to add to your collection simply by playing and mastering the game. DO YOU LOVE STRATEGY GAMES? GAMEPLAY VARIETY? The game is designed so that every match feels different. Play your cards at 50+ different locations from across the Marvel Universe, each with iconic game-changing abilities. From Asgard to Wakanda, new locations are introduced regularly to put your creative problem-solving skills to the test. CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY Available on both mobile AND Desktop PC. Play anywhere, any time you want. Register your account and your progress stays with you across different platforms. INNOVATIVE MECHANIC: "SNAP" TO RAISE THE STAKES "SNAP" is a unique mechanic in the game that lets you raise the stakes during a match and apply pressure on your opponent. For example, if you think you have a winning hand, use the 'SNAP' mechanic to double down and potentially double your rewards.Hey, even if you're bluffing —you could double your rewards! DO YOU LOVE TO COLLECT? Each card in your deck is a unique character from the Marvel Multiverse. No other game lets you collect, mix, and match hundreds of hero and villain art variants from the entire MARVEL Universe—and beyond. You might have a classic comic inspired Iron Man card, but do you also have the Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon variants? I AM GROOT I am Groot. I AM Groot. I am GROOT. I am Groot? I am Groot. I AM GROOT! I am GROOT. I am Groot? DAILY, WEEKLY, & MONTHLY UPDATES MARVEL SNAP stays fresh and exciting with new cards, new locations, new cosmetics, new season passes, new ranked seasons, new challenges, new missions, and new events regularly. You don't have to wait months for updates! What are you waiting for? The game only takes a few minutes to learn and 3-minutes to play. Jump right in and find out why MARVEL SNAP won multiple 'Mobile Game of the Year' awards!



  • Used to be awesome

    By KingPuddles
    Was tons of fun for a while but like everything, it’s gone the way of extreme optimization. There is no such thing as just power ramping big cards and enjoying a cool combo anymore. Everybody just runs a deck that interferes with you playing the game so you sit there with nothing on your board and no ability to play anything fun. Unless of course, you just enjoy screwing with your opponents plan. If your play style is “just don’t let the other person play” then you’re going to love the game. If not, highly unlikely you will enjoy it. Uninstalling after probably $250 in miscellaneous purchases.
  • WHY!?!

    By Awol!
    This was my favorite game until yesterday. You guys completely emasculated Galactus!!! A card that I saved up to buy is now useless. Whoever approved this to happen needs to rethink their life choices.
  • Infinaut Glitch

    By TacoKingpin559
    There is a glitch where someone can use Jubilee on turn 5, then Infinaut on turn 6. Infinaut’s whole gimmick is they aren’t supposed to be played if the opponent played a card the round before but this glitch is being exploited heavily in the Conquest section of the game
  • No Longer Fun…

    By tiaraadmk
    These shady and inconsiderate changes of nerfing cards just to make way for paid cards is getting out of hand!! And is so DECEITFUL and SCAMMY towards people who spent money on these bundles just to have the cards we paid for changed or reduced. Instead changing cards why don’t you make new cards that work well with everything else. You’re changing entire cards ruining people’s decks just bc of new rare cards. It’s becoming a trend and it’s not cool at all. As an avid snap player it definitely makes me not want to play anymore. What point is Galactus being 5!? He’s officially the worst 6 cost card now.. not even worth playing. Probably the worst change y’all could’ve made. Along with the Collector, Kitty Pride, and everything else. Def taking a break
  • Destroy decks are broken

    By Lord Bingus
    Destroy decks ruined my fun in this game so overtuned with not a lot of outplay-ability with early cards.
  • Solid game going downhill

    By J Lahey
    First of all, the core concept of the game is rock solid. Ever play AEG’s Smash Up!? It’s very similar to that while being different enough. And it pays strong homage to the comics, knowing them well. It’s fast paced and well designed with a gratifying and original path for new card acquisition. However, there were flaws from the start and it’s only gotten worse as the game has gotten bigger. First most recognizable one is the lack of a single player/narrative mode beyond the 3 or 4 intro matches that just barely adequately teach you the game. You’re then given mostly the worst cards in the game (and a few you’ll use for a long time to come, but more the former than the latter) and sent off into the big scary world to acquire more cards against real people who have been playing a while now and have very streamlined decks at this point. Secondly, the biggest problem, the toxic use of the social features. At least they don’t let you text at all, but the emoji and the stock phrases all get used sarcastically and spammed. Especially if you make a mistake or lose. You might think “No hair off my back, I’ll block them” well, you can, but middle of a match, turn counter ticking down or when you’ve had a string of losses already where you’ve encountered this a bunch? Your blood pressure is already up and you’re gonna be crabby to the people around you even if you’re a saint. Worse? There’s no Wolverine extending his middle claw emoji to express this frustration back even! I mean, that was in the movies! The next problem is the concept of “snapping.” It’s meant to be like raising in poker basically, only without actual currency. There are prize seasons tied around things like Loki or Spider-Verse, etc and as you play generic matches you earn or lose cubes. Without snapping you put one cube up so losing loses you a cube and winning earns you 2. But the point of the game is to snap, if you think you’ll win, you snap which, if the next turn begins after you snap, you add another cube to the bet and double the pot. Your opponent can do this as well so it can go from 1/2 to 2/4 to 4/8. HOWEVER … about 90% of the time when you snap your opponent will just retreat, netting you 1 cube and honestly, that’s good. If you couldn’t run, you’d never get anywhere. This means that climbing the reward ladder is exceedingly tedious and time consuming, meanwhile, make poor judgement just once, and you can lose several games worth of wins. It didn’t need to be this way. Most games don’t force you into this kind of competition for generic rewards these days, especially since they’ve added their Competitive Mode (tournaments) now. But, y’know, changing how this works would require them to change its name, so we’re stuck with it … You’ll also quickly notice many of the locations you fight over (3 per match) are simply punitive. Sure, they impact both players (not always equally. You really don’t want to get either of the 2 destroy locations when your opponent is running a cannibal deck … or whatever carnage/Death/Knull/Deathlock/wolverine decks are collective known as), but after a time, locations like Sanctum Sanctorum (no cards may be players at that location), Miniaturization Lab (on turns 3-5 cards may not be played or moved there) or the 2 locations that instantly destroy cards played there (3 if you count Danger Room with its 25% chance to destroy cards played there), which all have very clear strategic elements, go from an interesting thought exercise to merely tedious and time consuming (and don’t get me started on Ego … it plays both decks for each player … badly, yet you have to end turn manually still, so you can feel like you participated somehow. Who thought that sounded fun?!?). I’d much prefer they make more like The Raft/Quantum Realm/Astroid M/Cloning Room/Bar Sinister/Sinister London/Shuri’s Lab … which don’t do anything to truly restrict you, but either simply reward you or mess around a bit with what you do. Lastly, they *do* take an active attempt to balance the cards they make and it mostly seems well intentioned … until you look at the cards they hit and the reasons why. Spider-Ham was necessary, but Collector they admitted wasn’t that strong and they were only nerfing him because Loki was such a popular deck … despite, also to their admittance, performing no better than how they wanted his builds to perform. So they ruined a popular deck and crippled the few others that used collector … because their new card was too popular? Uh … isn’t that what you want? They broke it when it wasn’t broke claiming it needed fixing with the argument that … it … wasn’t broke … ok … Well then they go nerfing Kitty Pryde … who … ok, she was pretty strong, but there were stronger (and she was strong in tandem with Collector …) and they pretty much made her kinda useless since now you have to get her in your opening hand for her to be worthwhile and you can’t guarantee that. Meanwhile Galactus was just nuts for a longtime and while he did see a nerf, it was hardly enough. His basic premise is just inherently bad. You toss him out on the final turn if you’ve left one locaton open and he blows up the other two, negating all the work you and your opponent have done there and he has a high enough power to likely take the last one (though players likely also use wolverine/weapon x who survive their destruction and jump in and are naturally strong even outside of galactus). His basic design is just as such that he’s always going to either be way too strong and environment warping, or nowhere near strong enough to be worth using. And then there’s Cosmo, the most regressive and degenerative card I’ve ever seen made for a TCG, with easy fixes that wou;dn’t ruin him, but he sits around warping the game environment since day 1 … Heck, Deadpool was, imo, stronger than Kitty and he’s untouched (but I don’t think he should be either). But that’s how they do.
  • The game is good

    By Xxstrollinxx
    Don’t get me wrong game play it is good and the cards are cool , but I feel like it was a huge missed opportunity with the variants , the cards that give you other cards like Thor, mr sinister , or even squirrel girl , you get these cool variants but the tokens all look like the general ones everyone gets and it feels less thought out than the rest
  • Obviously rigged

    By CWarsAD
    Deleted this rigged garbage its just made to frustrate you
  • Don’t play

    By Shawnxbab
    Dumb game want let you past making a name tried for 30 min. let it make you a name and still want work don’t download wast of time
  • Lots of fun

    By Coldpistol
    This game is to a of fun. The visuals, the mechanics… it’s just good. However, don’t believe that any of the “random” aspects are actually randomized! Just know before you start, and be willing to accept, that any part of this that is supposed to be random will actually favor the player that spends the most real money. So be ready to spend or lose. Even so, it’s lots of fun.