Infinite Galaxy

Infinite Galaxy

By Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited

Score: 4.50687
From 6,982 Ratings


Infinite Galaxy. Infinite possibilities. This is a next generation immersive, space game. With top 3D graphics and deep strategic choices to choose from, the secrets of the entire Galaxy are waiting for you to discover. Galaxy Year 4649. After the long war, the Old Federation was unfortunately defeated, but the Empire’s cruel reign is also on the verge of collapse. The borders of the burning Galaxy have already been broken. Private merchants and space pirates shuttle back and forth in the universe. Countless rebel groups have risen to fight from the Empire’s outer rim without any time to spare. Rumor has it that someone discovered the mysterious warships of an ancient space race... In this Galaxy full of fantasy and conflict, you can start by repairing your Spaceport. Then you will build your flagship, defeat space pirates, explore the Galaxy, form an alliance with like-minded Commanders, and come across one moving story after another. An enormous fleet is waiting for you to lead. A marvelous Spaceport is waiting for you to develop. An Infinite Galaxy is waiting for you to explore. But the Empire is preparing its counterattack in the shadows of the Galaxy. The next time the Empire flashes its teeth, an endless war will once again be ignited in the Infinite Galaxy. Spaceport & Crew - Tons of facilities and tech are waiting for you to build and research. - Upgrade every type of building to transform your Spaceport into a powerful base. - Recruit mighty crew members in your Spaceport. Make them become your deputies and staff or go on fleet expeditions. - Every crew member has their own life experiences and stories. Their tales will make you aware of how completely different life in space is. Fleets & Flagships - Build up 30 different types of Spaceships and form fleets. - Every one of your fleets will be led by an extremely powerful flagship. Every flagship has its own unique appearance and skills. - These flagships are carefully built based on the blueprints handed down from the heyday of the Federation and Empire. - Collect flagship blueprints from ancient space relics, campaign missions, and the Empire’s fortress stages. Battle & Glory - In the Galaxy, compete or work together with millions of Commanders in real-time. An excellent way to survive is to create or join a formidable alliance. - Call upon your allies to deploy your attack and defense strategies, protect yourself, and battle malicious enemies in the universe. - Fully display your talents for strategy, leadership, and battle. Join this magnificent space epic. - Perhaps you will become the leader of the Galaxy and achieve supreme glory in the end. Space & Secrets - Space is incredibly imposing and makes you aware of how small we really are. This is especially true in the presence of a gigantic star. - But as tiny as we may seem, we will go on to conquer that enormous star and explore deep in the universe. - On your exploration of the universe, you will slowly uncover tons of ancient secrets and learn the unknown past of Federation and Empire.



  • Buyer Beware

    By Best Overall Tracker
    The further you go in this game, the more ways they attach money to rewards needed to upgrade and the less rewards you get for the money. Basically it’s a money pit you get hooked on. Buyer beware, this game is anything but free.
  • Love it

    By Jaycgffg
    Great game. Absolutely love it. Game play is not repetitive, graphics are outstanding and so much to work on. The game is my favorite Science Fiction Game by far. Great job developers!
  • Nice game

    By Srl222
    The graphics are pretty good as is the whole game overall.
  • Another thieving game in Apple App Store.

    Why should I be surprised at this point after almost every single game I have ever played from Apple App Store has been a complete rip off and garbage these past 4 years that anything would change? At least when you were ripped off by games in google's app store on Samsung phones, they made sure you got your money back, but not Apple. No they allow these games to rip off their patrons with gusto and complete abandon.
  • Completely pay to win. Very similar to other phone games.

    By Another watery tart
    I have been playing this game for three years. I have probably spent at least $1,000 on in-game purchases. I participate in nearly every event. I am barely in the top 200 on my quickly dying server. The only redeeming quality this game has are the friendships you form with your alliance mates. Full stop. Unless you are the recklessly spendthrift scion of some High Table wannabe crime lord, you will not truly enjoy this game. The last half dozen “features” introduced have just been naked cash grabs. You can’t get any of the new features without dropping hundreds of dollars. If you have played a phone game where your alliance wins territory, settles into a pretty much permanent hierarchy, then gets tossed into mini game server wars where you constantly get served up like hors d’oeuvres to pure whale alliances, you have basically played this game already. “Free to play” needs to die as a game model.
  • Was a fun game

    By BB2.9
    Till a public game become a private game controlled bye money
  • Great game!

    By Nice games44335
    I was cautious at first about the game but quickly have become addicted to it. Once you get into a active alliance, the game becomes more of team play and strategy with lots of fun along the way.
  • Pay to win

    By Koopa_Troopa
    I played about 20 months and spent much more on that game than on any other game I played. At the end, it made practically no difference in power I had compared to other more or less strong players. Add to it lots of grind, plus game is forcing event schedule on you and ton of Russian players with which I don’t want to be friends because of the war with Ukraine. Recommend playing something else.
  • My Review

    By ShadowTrooper78
    It might just be me being impatient, but the game has been telling me what to do for the past 30 minutes. It gives me no option to do my own thing. And another thing I find ridiculous is that when you attacked by say an Imperial Patrol Fleet, you have to fight them single handedly, whenever a little bit ago the game forced you to construct several ships for your fleet. So why am I doing this all by myself if I have a fleet of ships?
  • You need to filthy rich to do anything!!

    By Stumafoo
    Sad part is they have a good game however their aggressive tactics makes me hate it . You can’t get by most upgrades without throwing in big money!!!.. good luck