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  • Purchased subscription, unable to view

    By 555sexydrive
    I have logged out multiple times and back in, regardless if my phone, iPads or AppleTVs. I paid the $174.99 through the app store, subscription shows valid until Jan 2025, yet the app doesn’t recognize my account having a subscription. This is just ridiculous, been using this app since 2013 and never come across this. Just losing days to my yearlong subscription as they pass and the app keeps failing to work. I have even just now completely removed the app from my phone and re-installed it, still the same nonsense. How long until this gets resolved, quick to accept payment, slower than Honda has been the past few seasons to get it working. Update: took about 6 days after the above, but finally something was done to my account by the technical team and everything began working as it should. I truly dislike that I had to leave the initial review, but frustration took over my patience. Very much looking forward to this season.
  • Sunk Costs

    By Luminax the ChargeKeeper
    Hey Dorna, look up the definition Sunk Costs, and if you’ve any business savvy at all you will make your app (iOS, Apple TV, Mac ) changes in 2023 a sunk cost and revert to your old design. For 7 months you have repeated replying to customer that you “ know there are issues and your developers are working on fixing them”. It’s about time to admit they are not, and that you have no interest in fixing them, it’s so obvious as anyone could have backloaded the old Ui in a day and made all your customers happy, but in seven months you have not managed to fix a single feature that is meaningful to your audience. How do you sleep at night. Do the right thing and wright off the”redesign” ad a Sunk cost and switch back to what your customer actually wanted, the other option is lose tens of thousand of subscribers and millions in revenue. Seems like a pretty basic decision to me. Who’s running that shop, SpongeBob SquarePants? Never met a more I’m competent service provide in my life.
  • Not good

    By BGS123
    Cannot use my expensive subscription. Constantly asking me to purchase video pass, which I have. Sign out then back in, which doesn’t work. Sadly, I won’t renew
  • Almost double the price of F1

    By Frank The tank 305
    The videopass costs are $174 a year and comes out to $14 but if you only do it monthly it’s $33!!! First off $174 is almost double the price of F1 which I find to be ridiculous, but that’s a personal opinion and isn’t effecting my decision. My 1 star rating is because of the predatory charging. If I don’t have $174 up front for the year, I’m being punished by paying double per month?
  • Written News

    By PghApp
    Written news is back for those of us who still like to read. Thanks, MotoGP.
  • Thank goodness it’s over!!!

    By blocked ratings
    The sniveling and whining that those two announcers do is only secondary to Martin crunching M Marquez from the rear AND THEN in cry baby tears. What a crock. I will not be renewing for 2024. MotoGP has gone a little soft, woke and green for me. Adios.
  • Awful

    By CDVict
    I’ve been a subscriber to this app, and videopass for 4 years and every year it gets worse. Ex the world championship race ended over 3 hours ago, there are spoilers ALL OVER the app, yet the race ISNT POSTED FOR VIEWING YET. Do not waste your $, watch it on network TV for free.
  • It’s watchable but that’s all.

    You can’t watch and mark your spot. You can sometimes connect to chromecast. Today the screen is tearing and I don’t know why the main race from 6 hours ago hasn’t posted.
  • New version of is abysmal

    By DesmoMike
    History is gone, the no spoiler option is gone too and the list goes on. You pay for something and it gets switched half way through the season to an unusable app.
  • Whoever redesigned the app, fire them…

    By Azteca_016
    It seems Dorna decided to hire whoever designed the F1 TV app, and have him/her full rights to re design Video Pass. Before the update, I’ve said that F1 TV should take more on how MotoGP Video Pass was set up, that the way they laid up bookmarks to see key important moments of the weekend was a good idea. After update what happens? Not only all that which made it great it’s gone, but now you can’t access past races, as Video Pass redirects you to the last event the race weekend had. So can’t even re watch previous weekends. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.