Download Kik v8.3.0.678

KikKik is an online messaging app designed for Android users who want to keep their anonymity while talking to strangers on the internet. With the recent bomb in social media most people now are eager to chat with uses all around the globe but you never know what kind of a person you are dealing with so it is wise not to give out your personal information or you might stand on the risk of being hacked or harmed but kik eliminates that danger to a certain extent because this messaging app does not require you to enter your email or your phone number, all you need is unique username for the app that you can give out on any social media platform without worrying. If you happen to encounter someone on this app or you give out your username to the wrong person you can always change it and start all over again without being bothered by anyone.

Kik has a very simple but addictive user interface that makes chatting much more fun and you can share pictures videos and other files on the app to your contacts and friends. You can torque using the provided free stickers and gifs and you can also play games that are embedded in the Kik user interface with the person you are chatting with on the app. You can chat one on one with a person or you can also chat in groups with two or more people talking each other simultaneously but it is advised not to give out any of your personal information unless you trust the person on the other end. Kik is a great place to meet new friends and chat with them safely without giving out your phone number or Email and this app encourages you to explore in a very safe manner.

Download Kik v8.3.0.678 for Android

  • Open browser and visit this website.
  • Download Kik and install the app.
  • Now connect with people safely!

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