Download Kik v7.1.0.83

KikHighest popular app among the people are communication apps. It is the most installed application of the Play Store. We use communication app for staying in touch with other but Kik is much more than that. It have so many features within it which make users  to keep stay in the Kik app. If you love to play games then their is no need to leave Kik as it have so many different type of games and by activating bot code in chats you can play them with your friends. You can easily take action against threats in your group chats by activating bots.

Kik is different from all other communication app. You can easily register in Kik just by giving your email-address, Date of birth and  username. Kik was launched by Kik interactive company of Canada with the aim of connecting all devices with each other. You can change your boring chats into interesting one by changing its colour. You can join group of people having same interest and can chat with them. You can chat with bots in your boring time and can ask them to give you advices fun facts, fashion tips etc. Kik record all of your previously open bots.

Features of Kik v7.1.0.83

Following are the feature of Kik v7.1.0.83

  • Only require to fill your first and last name, date of birth and choose your username.
  • Can active bots in your chat.
  • It run on iOS and android.
  • Can chat in a group of people having same interest like you.

How to download Kik v7.1.0.83

Following are the steps to download Kik v7.1.0.83

  1. Download Kik apk.
  2. Open file manager and search downloaded Kik apk.
  3. tap on ”inatsll”.
  4. Now you can chat with your friends.

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