Download Kik v7.0.1.76

KikKik is a free communication app with so many features. One can find a group with people having same as like him in Kik. It was release initially on October 2010 nearly 7 years ago. For the registration in Kik there is no requirement of phone number and this make Kik different from other messaging app that require phone number. It runs on iOS and Android operating devices. By activating codes in your chat you can play games with your friends. You can also do video chat with them in full size screen. Kik allow you to search through it browser and take some advices from bots.

Kik is more than a messaging app as it provide you so many other different applications within it. This feature make users to stay within Kik. It contain a safety measure which blur your messages from strangers. Kik mostly discourage usage of its by children less than age of 13. Parents can let their children use Kik by turning off matching feature this allow their children to stay away from strangers on Kik. It was created with the motive of connecting all cross-platforms. Later on many features were added to it. Now Kik have so many users and million of registered people.

Features of Kik v7.0.1.76

Following are the features of Kik v7.0.1.76

  • Instant Messaging application.
  • Free to install.
  • Phone number is not compulsory for registration.
  • Can find numerous number of people having same interest.
  • So many app within one messaging app.

How to download Kik v7.0.1.76

Following are the steps to download Kik v7.0.1.76

  1. Download Kik apk.
  2. Navigate to file manager
  3. Search downloaded Kik apk.
  4. Click on install button.

You can now use Kik app by clicking on its icon.

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