Download Kik v5.5.4

KikToday in modern world people of all ages have their own smart phone and most of them are mostly use to communicate. People highly use communication applications for instant conversation. One of the convenient and easiest to use is Kik messenger. Kik was initially founded by a student group of waterloo university Canada. Kik has been downloaded by millions of users. It is different from other applications as users can register by choosing their username only.

Kik only display username of registered members though it ask to give e-mail address and date of birth. Anyone having same interest like you can connect with you easily.

Kik do not ask your phone number unlike other communication applications. You can install it for free and can send unlimited text to your connected friends. Kik mostly discourage use of it by children less than 13 yrs but parents can turn off matching from setting so that they can not receive message request from strangers. We love to play game, kik has playing game app within it so that users keep stay in Kik application. To share interesting stickers you first have to buy them online.

Features of Kik v5.5.4

Followimg are the feature of Kik v5.5.4

  • Instant messaging application.
  • Easy to register, just register with username, date of birth and e-mail address.
  • Discourage use of children less than 13 yrs old.
  • So many interesting app within one app.
  • Can play games with friends on chat.

How to download Kik v5.5.4

Given points are the step to download Kik v5.5.4

  1. Download Kik apk
  2. Navigate to download manager
  3. search and install Kik
  4. After successful completion, click on Kik icon

Now you can send unlimited messages to your loved one


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