Download Kik v5.5.3

KikWe have so many choices to communicate with our loved one but today in contemporary world we mostly use communication apps for instant replies. There are a lot of such applications but Kik is the most easiest to use among them. There are several apps which require phone number and many information to get start but in Kik all you have to do is pick a username, enter your e-mail address and D.O.B.

Kik is free to use as like Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike etc. but is different from all as it find a match of yours having similar interest. parents can allow their children less than 13 to chat in Kik by turning off address book matching so that they can’t have a chat with unknown person.Kik has a feature that makes user to stay remain in the app. There are internal apps such as app of sticker, games, fashion style etc. Users can play with their friends also. You can share a lot of  pictures, video , gifs etc. you can explore place by using Kik codes. Kik allows you to express yourself through stickers and gif. Kik have a special feature that blur the messages from the stranger. Users can connect with their friends by using Kik code. Through bot store of Kik, users can order food and products. Kik have the features to stop threating in groups.

Features of Kik v5.5.3

Following are the features of kik v5.5.3

  • Kik is absolutely free to use.
  • Find people who have same interest as like yours
  • So many apps within Kik  like gaming app, sticker app, style tips app etc.
  • Can stay connect with friends by using Kik username or code
  • Blur the messages to keep you safe from strangers

How to download Kik v5.5.3

Following are the steps to download kik v5.5.3

  1. Simply open your browser
  2. Download Kik apk for android
  3. Wait until Kik apk download and then navigate to file manager
  4. click on ”install”.
  5. you can create you account on kik after successful completion.

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