Download Kik v5.5.1

KikEverybody in this world have their own smart phones and all of them are highly used for staying connected with each other. For doing such there are a lot of communication app among one of them is Kok.

Kik is a freeware instant messaging mobile app which runs on iOS and android. It is free of charge launched by Canadian company Kik interactive. It works with internet connection  i.e wifi or data plan. By having user names one can connect with their loved ones there is no need of phone numbers.

You can share pics , videos , gif , games , and many more after register a username. In 2016 Kik had approximately 300 million registered users and used by many of teenagers. As because of some reasons Kik was removed but recently in June 2018 it was officially released. What makes Kik different from other communication app is its anonymity and no requirement of providing phone number

Features of Kik v5.5.1

  • Can share pics, video, gifs, games etc.
  • Stay in touch with your friends through this app.
  • Amazing stickers and gif to say whatever you have got in your mind.
  • With kik’s bot you can get fashion tips ,news report and you can have conversation.
  • Kik codes connect you with your favourite place and people.

Steps to Download Kik v5.5.

Following are the steps to download Kik v5.5.1 –

  1. Download Kik v5.5.1 APK.
  2. Open the file manager on your smart phone and search the downloaded Kik v5.5.1 APK.
  3. Instal the file and open it.
  4. Use the communication app and register your user name and stay in touch with your loved ones.

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