Leonardo’s Cat

Leonardo’s Cat

By StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Score: 4.45455
From 11 Ratings


A contraption-packed, brain-teasing puzzle game featuring the voice of Patrick Stewart (Star Trek, X-Men) as Leonardo da Vinci. Available in French, Spanish and German. Leonardo’s latest invention, the Automaton, has been stolen by his devious arch-enemy Michelangelo. You must help Scungilli, Leonardo’s brave and long suffering cat, as he searches the ancient city for the Automoton, negotiating ominous obstacles and terrifying traps as he goes. Use your wits and an arsenal of da Vinci’s cunning inventions to negotiate levels and guide Scungilli to safety. But one false move – and it’s back to the drawing board! - SOLVE complex puzzles through 60 levels of perilous adventure - SURVIVE deadly obstacles and vicious traps using da Vinci’s legendary inventions - EXPLORE a richly detailed and atmospheric world inspired by 16th-century Amboise, home to da Vinci's studio - COLLECT robot parts on each level to build da Vinci’s Automoton, the world’s first robot - DISCOVER the truth as the humorous plot unfolds… With over 7 million downloads and 400 Number 1 hits in Kids and Books categories worldwide, StoryToys has teamed up with Patrick Stewart, Michael Frith (The Muppets, Fraggle Rock), Bob Tedeschi (New York Times, Bobo Explores Light) and Savage Studios to create this fun-packed educational puzzle game. FEATURES ● 60 unique puzzle levels across 6 environments crammed with exploding/crashing/splashing fun! ● Beautifully-animated cut scenes featuring Patrick Stewart as the voice of Leonardo da Vinci ● Lush visuals and captivating soundtrack inspired by the Renaissance world ● Incredible inventions including cannons, catapults and ornithopters! ● Packed with fascinating educational content based on science, art, physics and other wonders of the Renaissance



  • A fun game BUT....

    By Bakplay
    I love this game BUT you have yet to resolve the issue of the level 50 which has no solution. When you have addressed that problem, I will happily return to one of the most entertaining games I have ever played. Please fix this folks! I miss my play time with your game! And the fun cat! Well, after a break, I've returned to this great game and, after reading two reviews about level 50 having a solution, tried tried tried again! And to my happy surprise, there IS a solution to level 50!!! YEAH! Love this game! Well done!
  • Battery usage

    By Jgsushi
    Well I figured out level 50. Apparently it isn't impossible! But now I finished the game. And I want more. However, compared to my other games, it takes WAY too much battery power. Need more levels! Keep those updates coming.
  • Love this game

    By RoadWarrior2003
    My 7 year old and I both had so much fun playing this through to the end! (Yes, there is a solution to level 50.) It is beautiful art, fun puzzles, and I love the cat's expressions. Educational in terms of problem-solving and a little history on Leonardo da Vinci. And, yes, I am a long fan of Patrick Stewart, too!
  • Battery problem and lvl 50.

    By Jgsushi
    Great game and has me completely hooked, and yet, compared to other games, it takes WAY too much of my battery. Also, level 50 is impossible. Keep it going!!
  • Game is Great

    By mwyner
    Got this for my 7 year old. He’s completely hooked and loves figuring out the different ways to get the cat across. It’s such a cool thing to teach trial and error, debugging, and problem solving. As an adult, I even like it a lot!
  • A great puzzler AND Patrick Stewart?!?!

    By Lancelotlink
    My 5 year boy loves this puzzler. The music is great, the atmosphere is great, puzzles are straightforward and logical, perfect for someone young. I'm playing it separately and am finding it fun as well.
  • Fun obstacle game

    By garym42
    Story aside, this is an enjoyable game in which you aid the cat Scungili ("conches") through an obstacle course by placing a limited supply of devices (which even include a teleporter--Leonardo must have been more advanced than we realize) where they will be needed. It's offered as a kids' game,and adults may not find it challenging enough, but it's a pleasant puzzle for grownups too. I do find some of the things Scungili is put through unpleasant, but Leonardo (Patrick Stewart's voice) assures us he never suffers any serious harm. Multiple language options are included.
  • not just for kids!

    By burned by a pretty face
    I'm a grumpy old man (with an equally old and grumpy cat). This game is clever fun with excellent production values. Only at level 3 but enjoying the light, entertaining diversion. Highly recommended.
  • Level 50?

    By Deboe J.
    I am an adult and I was enjoying this game very much until I got to level 50. I think there is something wrong, a bug or something. There is no way to get through it with no more inventions than given. I've tried everything. Please fix. I really like this game. Thanks. UPDATED:never mind, didn't know the drill went through concrete! Got it! Great game!!!
  • Not just for kids

    By MikeKLane
    I'm always on the lookout for a quirky brain teaser app to play while riding the subway. This game has quickly jumped to the top of the list. Great design and simple interface make it easy to play a level or two between stops (maybe more if the mta is against you that day)