By Tencent Mobile International Limited


WeChat, the free messaging & calling app available across all smartphones, is now available for your desktop.



  • do not open

    By jos240205
    not open anf frezed
  • why add so many functions?

    By hdisojf
    The strangest app that I've ever met. They keep add functions into this app to make it all-around. It can communicate, take photos, listen to musics, play games and send posts. And as users we can't freely block some of the features. It's no longer an app, but an OS! Why do I need so many gorgeous but inpractical features? Why I can't close some of them, and focus my time on communication via this app?
  • No QR code

    By dude_needs_debug
    There is no QR code when opening it. I wish I could give a zero-star rating.
  • cannot connect anymore on my macbook mini

    By Got charts?
    This was never a great app but now it can no longer connect to the server (no QR code) so it is totally worthless. I tried reverting to an old version but that didn't help.
  • Poor IM App

    By acxc-01
    Poor UI and perfomance, but the worst of all is the highly restrained user experience and user design. The reason for WeChat to survive is nothing but Tencent’s de facto monopoly in the Chinese market.
  • Cannot easily quit the App

    By Xmay McXmaface
    The app's design leaves much to be desired. Upon clicking the app icon, locating the quit button or option is not straightforward. I firmly believe that users should have the ability to easily exit an app. However, the developer seems to intentionally complicate this process in contrast to other apps.
  • it was very good

    By 1234567854567
    it is very good, the mac version of wechat is very 😊.
  • Incredibly dumb and under engineered

    By rich aesthetic
    1) use the operating system accessibility features. Don't create your own version, it makes it difficult for users to learn accessibility features when you make new ones that we have to learn. 2) the app is ugly, low resolution, and just not fun to use. MacOS Messages app is much more fun with drag and drop stickers, coloroful poppy high resolution stickers, and full screen effects. 3) The app does too much and none of it well.
  • 很差的应用,只是被迫使用罢了。

    By CellphoneStory
  • Can the team take the reviews seriously?

    By warwwtwxlj
    The mac version of the wechat has so many bugs. No idea when it will break especially with the small app loading. Can the team take the feedback seriously and work on it?