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  • the slowness and not giving the right answers

    By 777.ash
    well I’ve been having this problem lately where it gets really slow and it doesn’t give me my answer at all or when if I do, get my answer in the text box and submit the question to get my answer to bring me somewhere else or another question that isn’t the question I asked. So it’s confusing and really frustrating but for the most part I think it’s a really good app . because it did help me soo very much but it makes it frustrating when you are paying money for a app that isn’t giving u what answers u need and throwing u in the different direction.
  • Will be deleting

    By boujee123454
    You guys changed the daily limit to less than it was before. Before all of that there was no daily limit. You guys are greedy

    By Mayo.xxo
    If i can give this negative stars I would buy they wouldn’t give me my money back after i told them they charged the wrong account and it was on accident.
  • Why make us pay

    By Riggity roo shoe
    I love this app and all but my only problem is that I only get so limited answers before having to pay to get more or else you’ll have to wait I mean why though that’s all I have with this app.
  • Wow!

    By kate1017382
    Wow just wow thank youu
  • Takes forever to load

    By sara (swaggy)
    NOT a quick way to get homework done or to get help. Some questions take forever to scan or just don't load at all. Trying to talk to the AI chat takes forever since it can never load the answer and there's always an 'error'. it's not my internet I've used the app many many places and it's slow everywhere.
  • Greedy but good

    By hellochildrenofgod
    Brainly has gotten so greedy with their Brainly tutors , you pay 30 bucks per month and then come to find out you only get 20 answers per month. That’s less than the amount of dollars I payed…… this is absolutely absurd and Gauth has been getting me through the year with their new FREE options. Other than the cost the effectiveness of brainly tutor is great, however, if you don’t plan on paying this is not the app for you because you’ll never get responses on the free questions.
  • Life saver

    By imaturkeydudeshort
    THank U!!
  • Overall Great

    By Ruth sundys
    This app has really helped me with my math work. Whenever you take a picture of the problem it also gives an in depth explanation of the problem. The only problem I’d say I’ve had is that I’ve had to search for an answer; sometimes the answers given aren’t fully correct to the equation.
  • Do not get this app until they fix it.

    By BizarreBlues
    Idk what you guys did with the new update, but NOTHING WORKS. IM NOT PAYING 60 SMACKAROONIES FOR A USELESS APP. I HAVE SAT HERE 10 MINUTES WAITING FOR IT TO ANDWER A QUESTION just for it to say “Hmmmmm, something went wrong” 🤓