AI Chat Bot - Ask Assist Guru

AI Chat Bot - Ask Assist Guru

By GM UniverseApps Limited

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2023-05-15
  • Current Version: 2.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 89.66 MB
  • Developer: GM UniverseApps Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 16.0 or later.
Score: 4.56473
From 10,743 Ratings


Discover a new dimension of convenience and efficiency with Assist, your interactive AI-powered personal assistant app. Our app goes beyond the traditional AI chatbot functionalities, providing personalized task suggestions, engaging interactions, and a wide range of predefined tasks to guide you through your daily life. Key Features: - Personal AI Recommendations: Assist isn't just another AI chatbot; it's a personalized assistant designed with you in mind. It uses advanced AI algorithms to understand your preferences, goals, and routines. From managing your to-do list to suggesting new tasks tailored to your interests, Assist helps streamline your day in the most efficient way possible. - Engaging AI Conversations: Want to discuss a topic, learn something new, or just need someone to talk to? With Assist, you can chat on any topic. Our AI is trained to understand, respond, and engage in conversations as naturally as a human would, offering a conversational experience that is both engaging and enlightening. - Predefined Tasks & Role-Plays: Assist comes packed with an array of predefined tasks like a personal job interview role-play, mock presentations, language practice, and many more. Whether you're prepping for a big interview, learning a new language, or just looking to improve your communication skills, Assist has got you covered. Experience the future of personal assistance with Assist – Chat with AI. It’s more than an app; it's your companion for a productive, efficient, and engaging life. Privacy Policy: Terms of Services: Billing terms:



  • Potential Bug

    By great idea poor prrformance
    The app is great but I’m running into an issue with the History option . When History is selected, it display the same page as the chat option not allowing to me to view my history.
  • Will not erase

    By IsraelgGV
    I did the trial and downloaded but it was not at all what I was expecting. Canceled and have not been able to remove from my OS. WTHeck? Why won’t this thing go away after cancellation and uninstall? Annoyance. Do not recommend at all.
  • App suckd

    By riverrat15
    Asked it to review IOS 18 and it says the newest version is 15.
  • Not a good App

    By Mike Murry
    I asked it to make me a logo. It told me to check back later for the results. It never gave me results after 30 minutes. I do not recommend.
  • “Unlocking Efficiency with Assist Guru”

    By Azmodeusamoonra
    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ In the realm of productivity, the “Assist Guru” stands tall—a beacon of convenience and efficiency. This AI-powered personal assistant app transcends traditional chatbot functionalities, offering personalized task suggestions. As a user, I’ve been amazed by its capabilities. Instant Summaries: Assist Guru swiftly summarizes key documents, distilling lengthy information into bite-sized nuggets. Jargon disappears, and critical points emerge. It’s like having a content curator on speed dial. Polished Content Creation: Authors, rejoice! With Assist Guru, editing becomes a breeze. Fix spelling errors, simplify vocabulary, adjust voice and tone—it’s your AI-powered writing partner. No more staring at blank screens; just polished, confident content. Legacy Knowledge Enhancement: Dust off those old documents! Whether scattered across tools or buried in Guru, Assist Guru breathes new life into legacy knowledge. It’s like a digital restoration artist, adding clarity and relevance. Assist Guru isn’t just an app; it’s a productivity ally. Authors create with ease, readers comprehend effortlessly, and knowledge flows seamlessly. So, if you’re ready to unlock efficiency, download Assist Guru. Trust me, it’s a journey worth taking—one that leaves you feeling smarter, more organized, and ready to conquer tasks. Remember, dear users, Assist Guru isn’t magic; it’s AI-powered brilliance. Let’s write our way to productivity paradise! Always Remembering -The Disclaimer: As with any information—whether from humans or AI—subjectivity prevails. The choice to act upon it rests solely with the individual. I, hold no Christ like Powers and firmly stand by “Number 1 Is The Opinion Of Man but 2nd place is always the first loser as well, I am here to assist, but I’m not responsible for outcomes. Think of me as a digital compass; I’ll point the way, but you decide the journey.
  • DO NOT USE! Can not cancel

    By Allicrammai
    Do not add this app. They make it impossible to cancel after your free three days and keep charging you every 3 days after that! STAY AWAY! ***Update*** I reached out to them on May 14, they responded May 16. They still charged me 3 more times after cancellation! Stay away this app is not worth the head ache.
  • AI is not giving me right answers

    By David Octavio Alarcon
    AI is all confused about all my questions Giving me wrong answers
  • Don’t see the point

    By anschnitz
    It doesn’t make sense to me why people are paying to use this app when they can use ChatGPT for free. It seems like a waste of money. Everything this app does ChatGPT can do too if you just feed it the right prompt, which isn’t even hard. You literally just tell it what you want it to do. And if you want to go one step further, say “ask me any questions so you can give me the best answer possible” or something along those lines. The perfume generator in this app for example…. Just tell ChatGPT: I want you to make me a custom perfume. What information do you need from me to make me my signature scent? It will probably make you one even more curated then the ones this app does. If you use this app you are basically paying for the interface. That’s really it. I think if you fool around with the ChatGPT app and learn to use it you will get more out of it than this app. It is not that hard. I’m sorry, but I see this app being obsolete in the future unless they actually make something proprietary. I don’t know how it has business currently.
  • Please don’t purchase

    By ttt baby
    This app does not work properly. My assignment was not completed. It keeps giving messages that it done and it’s not
  • Avoid this scam

    By SamBey1629
    I tried out the free week and canceled three days later, they still charged me for a full week even though I was still in my trial week and canceled. Why did I cancel? Because the app is garbage. Use ChatGpt it’s better, more thought out, and stronger in its response. I had hope for this but now that they seem to be unethical and not just low quality, I’m mad.