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  • Need a lot of improvement

    By Too much scamming
    This app need major updates and improvements
  • Refund

    By cusotmer for years
    I never used this app . I was charged 219.00 for this app and now I can’t get a refund. I need my money back. I looked in the app and found out that it was not need. Be careful signing up with your Apple ID. It useless for refunding. I emailed and spoke to Randall even screenshot the email from Randall stating for Apple to Refund me and Apple still denied it because Apple stated you guys are denying it even with the email sent. I emailed Randall again and I hope to get my $219 back to day.

    By Tenses 22
    Gambling isn’t guaranteed so is this app. The app is straight guesting and mix matching. I can easily find better pick by myself go thru Sportsbook than relying on this app. ITS NOT WORTH PAYING MONTHLY FOR.
  • Stay Away!

    By skaijay16
    This app is not worth it all. You could literally just check over and under odds on Draft Kings website instead of using this. Tried this app for the first day just to see what would happen and it gave me 6 good props and they all didn’t hit. There is tons of free websites out there to do research and check odds. Don’t waste your money on this garbage app.
  • Questionable business practices & sleazy staff

    By A disguntled fan
    I’ve made some $ and also lost a lot of dough, doing their suggestions and I haven’t had much success. I will say I am not impressed by their fake screenshots they send me on my email about people making a ton of $ on pikkit when I can search for that account myself to see it doesn’t even exist. Like I said in my title, I can’t say you won’t have any success using some of their softwares but I can say that they leave a bad taste in my mouth and something about the people that run this company aren’t trustworthy and always seem like their hiding something.
  • Trash

    By Deez Nutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Just study games and make picks based on what you have learned. This app hasn’t made me a single dollar but has made me lose thousands. “bUt JuSt PiCk ThE pLaYs In GrEeN aBoVe 54.2%” Yea yea yea Ive actually won money purposely going the opposite of the picks this trash has given me. 🤡🤡🤡🤡
  • Maybe worth it

    By broper6
    You can obviously make money from it but the entire thing is built like a ponzi. They all make money off of you joining so they lie and are misleading on twitter. You’ll get limited with in a few months and earnings will be limited. That’s why all these influencers switch so often. They post their wins for a few months and then make their money off of their subscribers they got. The software is not great and the team is worse. They don’t care about helping you they care about making money off of you. Alex from Twitter posted his draftkings and he was down 300 thousand lifetime. Because he makes his money from the users not from betting. It’s why the marketing team is so aggressive. But if you want to put in a few hours of work a day you can make a few thousand for awhile. But the team is a bunch of people with a physiognomy that screams don’t trust them.
  • Horrible

    By Jayray8698
    Worst decision I’ve ever made was leaving the Optimal +EV app that’s $100 a year to try this garbage for $200 a month. I’ve lost 10 units in 2 days using this scam. Stay away!
  • They will scam you after your purchase

    By Kingtez88
    I recently got a subscription for fantasy optimizer for a month. After a week it stop working. I contacted support and asked them about it. They message me saying my email is not in their database. I showed them proof of my email and screenshots I used for the subscription and still they said it’s not in their database. They scammed me out of $49. Don’t used them. You better off making your own bets. Don’t let that happen to you. 0 zero stars if I could.
  • Money Machine

    By TreyRockwood
    ODDSJAM makes it easy to find +EV, Mids, and Arb opportunities.