Love and Deepspace

Love and Deepspace


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2024-01-17
  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 3.58 GB
  • Developer: INFOLD PTE. LTD.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.3352
From 4,460 Ratings


As the brand new installment of the popular Mr. Love series, Love and Deepspace allows you to step into a sci-fi world where love knows no bounds. With immersive cutscenes, 3D storylines and interactions, love is truly within reach! [First-Person Perspective] Dates via 3D cutscenes. Step into a 3D world from a first-person perspective, where romance and adventure unfold before your eyes. The unique viewpoint design brings you closer to those heart-pounding moments you share with your love interest, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. [3D Interactions] Interact with him all you want. Real-time 3D rendering ensures lifelike interactions. Experience intimate moments like never before, watch as your actions provoke unique responses, and savor unforgettable dates, sweet voice messages, and more. [24/7 Companionship] He's always there for you. Each day with your love interest is brimming with intriguing intimacy. Snapshots, Claw Machines, Kitty Cards... It's never a boring day in Linkon City. [Fight Together] You can fully trust each other in battle. As a Deepspace Hunter with the superpower of ""Evol"", you will fight against the onslaught of mysterious alien creatures, together with love interests. Along the way, your paths intertwine, and the secrets about your fates and humanity's future will be revealed. [Profound Immersion] Choose your voice and look. Delve into an array of customizable features, from dozens of appearance details and hundreds of makeup choices to personalized timbres, all yours to explore. About Us Website: Facebook: X (Twitter):



  • Okay

    By Fneidbwifdwjdb
    I love this game but the only problem I have is not being able to be a male. It’s aimed towards females mainly- and that really bums me out. Other than that the graphics and voice acting are great!
  • PART of a Quality Story with Stunning Graphics

    By Niksties
    I love me a book, and this story is GRIPPING! I am way too invested in the well written characters and mysterious and adventurous storyline. I am somewhat appreciating the fact it is a bit slower to progress in between chapters as it has forced me to try out their other features more. It does leave me wanting more, which is a double-edge sword. The anticipation is upon me every day hoping for new chapters, now I just try to think of it as my weekly tv show :) Really beautiful and compelling work from the devs and everyone on their team!! >>Update from 5* to 3* Not even sure how long it’s been since I first got the app, but it has been wellll over a month and the story has STOPPED! I’m LEVEL 77 now! Creators, please do NOT continue to make events and unneeded content, please focus on finishing the story. I don’t know anyone that waits that long for a CHAPTER of something. Much less worth it now.
  • Frustrating

    By Bamagyrl93
    Definitely different. Love MC customization and 1st POV. The guys have their moments, but really just okay. Could be way worse for a game like this. I like the MC’s general personality. I played too many games where the female MC is suppose to be a trained fighter and yet is the worse one on the field, usually super clumsy to make her seem “cuter.” This MC is at least working hard. Some frustrations: -Capping character and board level (makes having to log in everyday a requirement). This applies to some accomplishments too. -Drop rates are awful and with capping can’t even farm for gems -Card drop rates are terrible. Been playing since it first started and can barely think of any time I got a 5-star card with pulling 120 times. I play other gacha games and never had such bad luck. Also people on the internet are shelling out hundreds of dollars trying to get card so pretty sure its not just me. -The auto-aim makes it difficult to beat harder level. My character can be standing right in front of the monster and she will still target the one on the other side of the map. Overall, I deleted the game. Maybe I will try it again in a few months (will probably be super behind cause it basically makes you log in every or you miss out on character exp). Right now, that and no real way to get the interactive cards is more stressful for game out the app store than I want.
  • 我们需要恋与制作人海外中文版We need Chinese for the America server of Mr.Love:Queen’s Choice

    By WiliamLiam
    为什么国内的游戏开发出了海外版,其中一个(恋与深空)有中文,另一个却没有? 海外华人玩家也很多啊,把简体中文的语音包加进来啦
  • 4gb game that requires 3gb to run

    By Ashley23894
    So I downloaded the game about a week ago and noticed that I couldn’t play without deleting some stuff so I deleted around 10gb worth of stuff from my phone and it still says needs 3gb and I’m annoyed cuz it’s been saying that for so long so I’m just gonna delete it
  • Fun, but not enough content yet

    By Screeching Simp
    I started playing this game a couple of weeks ago, and I was HOOKED! Rafayel was an absolute gem, and I adored the story revolving around him. One problem though; I beat all of the available content way too quickly. It was nearly impossible to level up, but when there was so little to do, over time the EXP built up. Then came the points for the men themselves. It’s even harder to level them up, so it was like there was nothing more to achieve with them :( Believe me, I loved the secret times and tender moments, and all of the interactions, but it just wasn’t enough to keep me playing longer. I know this game is still super new, so I’m sure in the next year, this will all be different!
  • LOVE this game; that being said, there are some things…

    By Xavier’sFish
    Okay so I installed this game because I was fascinated by the graphics and the idea of dating sims; I’ve never played anything like this before, so I was super excited for it. I was more than surprised that there was a storyline, and that made me want to play it even more. I really liked the customization of your character (even though you don’t really see them unless you’re taking photos) and the fighting is really cool as well. The dates are really cute, and you have your three main tropes: cute and shy, hard-working and intelligent, and outgoing and free spirited. Even though Xavier is my number 1, Rafayel comes in close second because as an artist, I can relate to him a lot more. I’m sure all of us can agree that the graphics are so bomb, and the animated scenes are just luscious. AND OMG DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE EVENTS LIKE RAFAYEL’S LAST ONE GURL I WAS CRYING LIKE ONE OF HIS MEMORIES FROM THAT EVENT IS MY LOCKSCREEN DON’T PLAY 💚🩵. The things I would like to criticize have probably already been addressed in earlier reviews, so I’ll keep this brief. I agree that leveling up can be difficult, especially when trying to level up memories. There’s just so much you have to have in order to do so. Having to pay for things to level up faster is not that great especially considering the target audience is ages 12 and up; teenagers are broke most of the time. I don’t think they should get rid of it completely but maybe it’ll help to just make those items more available and accessible. Then there’s voice acting; I’d say my favorite voice actor (this is for English voicing) is Rafayel’s because he sounds like he has more passion behind what he’s saying. I know Xavier is supposed to be the soft boy but sometimes his lines sound dead. Zayne’s voice is kind of in the middle of the other two, not sounding completely dead but also not as passionate as Rafayel. Honestly, this is just me being picky, because overall I think they do a phenomenal job. I really like the ones where you can just listen; it’s like ASMR. I know it seems like I have more negative to say but to me there’s a lot more positives. Hopefully once the game starts to get going a bit more there will be more opportunities to level up faster and PLEASE make events like Rafayel’s for Xavier and Zayne they need some spotlight time as well. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. 💜
  • Addictive!!

    By hehe🤓
    This game is SO addictive and fun. The plot, the minigames, collecting the character cards. But I really do wish their was a trade option between friends for trading character cards
  • Good production but let’s see what happens later

    By Anoymously
    New review: Turned absolutely greedy as it is impossible to keep up with the biweekly LIMITED card releases. Hope you have a big wallet to supply this game. Old: The production quality is definitely there, but I would watch what the devs do with events before dropping a dime. If you play with Korean voices, your mc is voiced by Ishmael from Limbus and Xavier is Yi Sang :) Also, if you are a masculine identifying person and want to head-cannon your MC as a masculine person, read the TOS and you’ll see that it is forbidden to make any fan content that depicts that, so I would be careful supporting this game. Pros: Great graphics, good MC customization, action combat finally not another joseimuke Neutral: Guys are more on the final fantasy-like beauty and may not be everyone’s taste, they are cliche at some point Cons: story’s just a story I guess and don’t find that interesting with obvious build-up to omg hot villain I CAN ROMANCE??, devs are known to be greedy based off how they monetized the Nikki games, the gacha rates are Mihoyo style… chances on 5 star where you can lose and not get your guy, NO HAIR COLOR CUSTOMIZATION due to default state of your mc appearing in card art
  • Limited time 5-star cards

    By hii im lilly<3
    It’s really fun and I love the graphics and storyline a lot! I love how the characters are and how they interact but the thing is the 5-star cards. I had never gotten the limited time ones because they’re so hard to get and you need a ton of gems to be able to keep trying. The newest Rafayel one that just ended was extremely hard to get and I never got it. It’s so frustrating if you can’t pay to win so I just deleted the game. I wish that you had made it easier to get them but if I can’t I’m just not gonna play.