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  • Reduced Coverage

    By Posse Be Ware
    Race Monitor is covering less races in the Central PA region. As a result the value had decreased while they have increased subscription costs. I have dropped this service and DO NOT RECOMMEND. They used to be good but are no longer relevant to Central PA.
  • Price increase

    By speednby
    30 percent price hike?!
  • Data not available

    By Wild Racing
    For the second time this year while using this app, we got messages data not available. I was in a two day, endurance race, and they capture day one accurately. Day two is nowhere to be seen.
  • Get race hero instead for free

    By 9999ian9999
    Race monitor has always been bad and I’ve only kept it on my phone for times when the race weekend wasn’t on race hero (rare). Last weekend seemed like one of those so I found the race on race monitor, but had to get a subscription to follow the race I was entered in. Fine. $0.99 for one month then I’ll cancel. Well, if you want to see your individual lap times you need to pay another $4. I’m in too deep and out lap timer was broke, this looked like it. Fine. Well 30 mins later the race popped up on race hero. For free. And it charts lap times. Has better sorting by class. Tells you who’s in the pits and who might be out of the race because they’ve pitted so long. And gives you track communication like black flags by car number. Oh, and it’s just more attractive and easier to read. And free. If race monitor wants to have a chance they need to check out race hero and get with the program. I want my $5 back. And you, save your money and hassle and get race hero.
  • Please cancel this subscription!!!!!!!Now!!!!!

    By Can I have our two bucks back
    I have tried for four years to cancel this via PayPal, Apple and Racemonitor. There is no cancel button and then I think I have canceled it but I get another charge a month and half before the date. This is ridiculous hard and no response or very little help just tossed over the fence. I have spent a stupid amount of time every year to get rid of this as we haven’t raced since 2018. Please someone help!
  • It is what it is

    By Scarlettvo
    The platform performs poorly. The logical steps are not so logical and the back button is missing a few windows so you have to press q thousand buttons just to get to one screen. I’d pay double for a platform that actually works. Get rid of the 1 dollar version that does nothing please.
  • GREAT customer service

    By mbarbs726
    I had issues viewing individual driver’s details. After reading some reviews it had me nervous that it maybe a glitch and wasn’t showing my paid upgrade. I did the “contact us” through the app and with a few days heard back and the issue was resolved (user error). Extremely wonderful customer service and almost immediate replies. Gave 4 stars because it’s a little hard to learn how to maneuver through the app but again … more than likely the user. 😆
  • Upgrade?

    By ricomsp
    I have this App on my iPhone X and want to upgrade to the plus version to utilize the added features. The problem is I can’t find any way to accomplish this within the App itself or through the App Store.
  • RaceHero will soon be superior

    By Driver2424
    Great app if you love to continuously renew your subscription with a buggy app that fails to support drivers & crew alike. Purchased an annual subscription 3 times this year? Sure, go ahead and “restore” it once more. It won’t work.
  • Outdated

    By Slowson
    Used be a good app when no other was available. Seems now you can’t find results easily, no schedule shows up. The other popular app seems to be a much better choice. I have been paying for quite some time and I will be cancelling my account because it gets frustrating trying to figure out what group is racing etc.