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  • Keeps me organized

    By DrBobDaDr
    I have tons of points scattered all over the place. This app helps keep me together and saves me a ton of headache. I’m also using my points better and not just allowing them to sit in the cyberspace abyss. I love that when you link it to your email it reminds you of points you forgot you had.
  • Award Wallet

    By Award Wallet
    Great app I have used to keep all my loyalty info in one place. No competitor does this as well.
  • Great app for tracking miles, points and more.

    By inthesand
    Works great with most of my rewards programs. Hopefully, the major US airlines will allow AwardWallet access. Geez, even FinnAir does. Updates work smoothly, though sometimes an error will show up. This may be an issue with the reward site, not AW. I usually do a manual update or wait a day. Typically, the problem site will update the next day. So far, 90% of my programs update w/o issue. Even the manual updates reqd by American, SouthWest etc are not a big deal. You have the option of allow AW access to your email so it can read award statements. Or, you can email the statement to a AW email address for processing. I find it easier just to check my Apple Wallet miles and update AW with that. There is also a nice auto-login feature within the app to each site. Given the complexity of dealing with hundreds of miles and point sites, AW does a great job. You can protect it all with 2FA if you want. Finally, AW provides a ton of information about each reward program. That way you don't have to open up multiple websites and hunt for it. All things considered, absolutely worth $30 a year for premium.
  • The best app!

    By Mgtpgh
    I love being able to track all my awards in one app, the most helpful support also!
  • mixed feelings

    By Mario5422
    I love the idea of this app, and it is *mostly* executed well, but there are some things I wish they’d improve upon. If you have Chase cards, the connection doesn’t update automatically and has to be updated manually on a desktop which sort of defeats the purpose. Some other connections randomly fail for no reason. One program they claim to support just doesn’t work at all, keeps saying my username or password is incorrect when I’ve copy-pasted it direct from the website. Support kind of shrugged it off and acted like I was the only one having the issue. Despite the connection problems, I like having my trips all organized in one place and it’s nice to keep track of random dining/shopping rewards that I’d otherwise probably forget about.
  • Failed to pull up two cards/rewards programs

    By Rob#08
    Started with my USAA AMEX rewards card and when that failed to reflect a reward balance I tried my Best Buy Mastercard. That one also failed to reflect a balance. Not even going to bother setting up any of the other ones. Thankfully I tried before I upgraded to the paid version. Deleting and moving on to try another…good luck!
  • Uncomfortable…

    By Theguywithaname
    Asked me a security question to login “what’s your chase login” before access. Deleting the app, feels like a scam
  • I do not recommend

    By cool ian dude
    1. You need to provide your password for your loyalty program. 2. There is no button to delete award wallet. You need to use contact us. You need to send a request to delete your award wallet. It will give a link to delete.
  • App doesn’t work

    By senor frito
    Couldn’t get anything in the app to work. Couldn’t take pictures of cards, couldn’t sign into any rewards accounts.
  • app is incompatible with password managers

    By sh3llac
    You basically cannot use the app with password managers, making it a security risk. If you have icloud keychain randomly generate a password, it will only fill out the top part and not the confirmation part. The confirmation part you cannot paste into. If you switch away from the app to manually enter the long random password, it erases as soon as you switch again to enter more of it. What a horrible implementation.