Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons

By Farlight Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2023-03-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.2523
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 2.34 GB
  • Developer: Farlight Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.76609
From 27,947 Ratings


War Pets have arrived in Call of Dragons! Capture ferocious beasts in a vast 3.88m sq km map, and train them up to fight alongside you! 【Capture War Pets】 Subdue ferocious beasts and deploy them alongside powerful fantasy armies! 【Train War Pets】 Interact with your War Pet to increase their Affection Level. Strengthen them by feeding them, regenerating them, or inheriting Skills. Your War Pet will be an indespensible member of your forces! 【Summon Behemoths】 Team up with your allies to take on gigantic Behemoths, then summon them in combat to dominate the battlefield! 【Freedom To Fight】 Take advantage of truly 3D terrain to create your strategy, command flying legions to traverse mountains and rivers, and unleash powerful combat skills to lead your allies to victory in huge-scale fantasy warfare! 【An Immersive Fantasy World】 Recruit Elven maidens, mighty Orcs, powerful frost mages, and countless other magical heroes. Journey to the mystical Firefly Tree, the daunting Frozen Spires, and other fantastic wonders, and enjoy a vast fantasy world like nothing you've ever seen before. *****Game Features***** 【Purify War Pets, Then Fight Beside Them】 Simple-hearted Bears, stubborn Lizards, aloof Rocs, and mischievous Faedrakes– they're all waiting to become your new best friend! Purify them to bring them under your command, then deploy them alongside vast fantasy armies. Train them up to strengthen their powers and turn your magical companion into a devastating weapon! 【Hunt and Tame Behemoths】 The land of Tamaris is infested with Behemoths—giant ancient beasts like Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and mighty and terrifying Dragons. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your allies to bring them to heel, then train them to become your secret weapon. Then, in your hour of need, deploy Behemoths to crush your enemies! 【Heal Units for Free】 Wounded units can be healed automatically without consuming any resources. Wage war, challenge other players, and fight to your heart's content! Enjoy the thrill of the battlefield without worrying about your stockpiles. Your path to conquest begins now! 【Countless Fantastic Creatures】 The land of Tamaris is filled with many fantastic races: noble Elves, mighty Orcs, wily Satyrs, wise Treants, majestic Forest Eagles and otherworldly Celestials. Each of these races can join your forces and lead them to victory. Meanwhile, Hydras, Giant Bears, Thunder Rocs and other terrifying creatures lie in wait... 【Powerful Hero Skills】 Assign mighty heroes to lead your forces, and train them up to use powerful abilities that allow them to turn invisible, charge across the battlefield in an instant, or unleash devastating AoE attacks! Master the battlefield, then strike at a critical moment to turn the tide of battle and claim victory! 【3D Terrain & Flying Legions】 Take advantage of rich and varied 3D terrain to carry out rapid assaults, defend your position, and unleash air raids to crush the enemy with strategy. Deploy flying legions across canyons, deserts, rivers, and mountains to deliver a devastating blow! 【Expand, Exploit, Explore, & Exterminate】 The prosperity of the kingdom is in your hands. Upgrade buildings and technologies, train troops, gather resources, expand your territory, and prove that you are worthy to rule Tamaris! SUPPORT If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center. Customer Service Email: Official Site: Facebook: YouTube: Discord: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • Ad video shows Diablo gameplay

    By RubiconFish
    But game starts me out building a lumber mill for a base. No thanks.
  • Interesante

    By Marcos050329
  • A rip off

    By NE54Sniper
    I like Rise of Kingdoms but I was wanting to try something different I saw the ads and I saw it was was by the same people so I gave it a go but it’s literally the same exact thing like seriously it’s just ROK but with way more story if you prefer more story but with fictional characters this might be your game.
  • One of the best strategic games on App Store

    By Best games for teens
    It’s not pay to win and I can’t even imagine how fast you prepare yourself for battle and win
  • Good game

    By Nate0490
    Needs to add more objectives for pvp
  • A fun sequel to RoK without 100 p2w systems

    By chinese wuhan bat soup
    I’ve been played CoD on release and since took a break from the game. Coming back I’ve played for an entire season and can say the amount of P2W people complain about is minimal. There’s usually 1-2 whales per server, which is more healthy than other strategy war games I’ve played. Everything from combat to behemoths feel fresh, a definite step up from RoK (played over a year on RoK). With the new home realm update, I have to admit it’s a good time to start.
  • Game is great but update is ruining it.

    By DutchLK
    I have been playing this game for just over a month and have been having lots of fun with my alliance. Unfortunately the upcoming update is going to ruin the game for us. We were expecting to play this season and go into season 2 where we would meet new friends. We had set up merges with new friends in season 2 after the top alliance in our server caused the majority of our server to stop playing. The only active players that are left are the top alliance and my alliance. With this update we will be stuck in a zone with our high king and will not be able to merge with our new friends, Essentially forcing us to try to work with our high king. The next problem is we wanted our new friends to migrate to our server so they could join our alliance and join us in season 2, but they will not be able to migrate until the end of season 2. On top of that, the high king will have the power to reject our new friends from migrating to our home server. This means that we will be stuck in a mostly dead server with a tyrant of a high king that we are unable to overthrow. At that point our option would be to try to merge into another server but we first have to get through an entire season first that will likely end up turning into a farming simulator, with some of our members just deciding to quit playing all together. We have spent quite some money and effort on our accounts at this point so starting over is really not a great option. We would have made a lot of different decisions in our season 1 if we had known this update was coming. Our wish is that for this new update any server that is already in season 1 will be excluded from the update going into effect until the new season.
  • Good stuff

    By Noob 891
  • Expect to spend thousands of dollars to max out a hero

    By Aiden Phu
    Pretty good game but expect to spend so much money to max out a hero which is quite not brilliant…
  • Good game

    By tri789
    Needs more passes