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  • Does not work, double charge

    By saxmennis
    This app does not work at all. It has been wrong 100% of the time on every plant I’ve tried, whether it be indoor our outdoor. They also offer a “lifetime” price or their monthly subscription, but they charge you both and do not respond to any emails. Every positive review on here is fake. These people are using investor money for marketing and selling a fake product that is nothing more than a concept idea at the moment, and then stealing money from people hoping for the app to work as advertised. These are criminals not developers.
  • Awesome!

    By Ms.WilliamsA
    So far so good!!
  • No

    By Georgiaboy387
    Do not trust this app to identify trees. I used it on 4 pieces of the same tree an got 4 different answers. 10/10 would NOT use again. Deleted immediately
  • Love this app!

    By gadget novice
    My favorite app! This supplies the information I need that used to take a very long time to find. Because of Blossom, I have saved every plant I searched for on this app! THANKS BLOSSOM!
  • I guess it’s a cool app if you know what you’re doing already

    By Bennett98362849
    It’s basically a giant plant database. Scan feature does not work at all, even tried some of my VERY basic house plants and it pops up incorrect information. Stick to you tube I’m only leaving a one star review because it prompts you to pay every step of the way for information that is already free. Cheers y’all happy growing
  • Pay to play.

    By Old school games.
    Need to pay for the information.
  • Not enough info and not 100% accurate

    By Gatoviejo
    I had the identify a hibiscus plant. It identified it as something that looks more like a snake plant. I had the app diagnose the spots on another plant and arrived at “Fungi.” Yes, I know it is fungi but I expected to get the type of fungi. It had 3 good samples. On the Papaya, it identified it and diagnosed it correctly. Conclusion: I don't expect for it to be infallible, but these are not rare plants. I’ll try it at another time but for now I’ll continue the time consuming effort of diagnosis through research.
  • The app couldn’t identify

    By Gugo 5762
    I have a plant in my garden, the app cannot correctly identify it
  • Pay to use

    By zjg04231997
    If it didn’t want you to pay it would be rated better ;)
  • Help to grow healthy plants.

    By miss hudderfield
    Give the right info to make it possible