Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-10-26
  • Current Version: 26.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 734.56 MB
  • Developer: MY.GAMES B.V.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 4.53014
From 78,677 Ratings


Welcome to the Isle of Rhandum - a realm of tower defense, clans, magic and mayhem! Collect units, assemble a deck for base defense and get ready to meet one of the most unique TD games - Rush Royale! Mighty warriors are ready for a TD clash! You have plenty of cute but fearsome units at your disposal, from keen-eyed Archers and crafty Trappers to angry Bruisers and graceful Blade Dancers! Merge units and manage your mana carefully - devise a strategy around your deck’s strengths in a castle defense! And don’t forget about Heroes - these mighty champions have the most powerful abilities! Conquer the opposition in PvP! Break through enemy Tower Defense, progress and earn more trophies! Play defense games against the most powerful players to win exquisite rewards! But beware, fortune can be fickle in TD games! Stick to a strategy and win through cunning and intellect as you lay siege to the castle and break through enemy defenses! Join the Co-Op mode and embark on a TD quest to explore Rhandum with your friends! Set a castle defense against dreadful bosses and their minions. Defense games never get old as you’re fighting monsters together! Succeed in TD games and get unique loot! Ready your defenses and protect the castle! There are many factions in the game, from Technogenic Society to the Kingdom of Light, and every unit and hero belongs to one of them. There are no “weak” or “strong” decks - collect, merge, learn to play your army well and level up units you use most. Some of them can Ascend, gaining unique battle talents! Events bring even more variety to the base defense you’re used to – try them out to find out if you can master unique rules and beat the enemies in tower defense games! Join one of the clans to earn unique benefits! Fight as one with your clanmates and succeed in both Co-Op and PvP tower defense! Quests make your life easier and more interesting! Each completed quest brings useful rewards! Clash, conquer, win, prevail! Rush Royale is a TD game like no other. The Isle of Rhandum awaits! Follow us on Facebook: Join our Discord: PLEASE NOTE! Rush Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. In-App purchases may include random items. Contains ads. Brought to you by MY.GAMES B.V.



  • Obtaining characters

    By ChooseANicknameForYourReviews9
    It’s basically impossible to obtain new characters because there are no chests you get from matches like clash royal, you have to watch an ad after you win to get cards, literally no other way other than that and battlepass and quests, which run out very quick. Can be great but is bad because of that.
  • Pretty solid game ngl

    I didn't think I would like it or stick to it as long as I have but honestly it's a good game. Very stable because they don't change too much every update which is nice cause a lot of games ruin their game by doing that (just making changes to graphics and adding new characters and stuff every major update which just brings chaos and a feeling of distrust in the fans). I also REALLY appreciate that THERE ARE NO ADS!!! Hello?! Nice to finally play a free game like that! And the developers respond to concerns very quickly and politely and I really appreciate them for that. The only complaint I have is that some of the events in the game are so complicated and I just don't even play them because I don't wanna sit there and read an unskippable tutorial when I'm just trying to relax lol. And that sometimes you get a huge wave after a boss for seemingly no reason when the other player doesn't get any monsters... and I just wish they explained how the game worked better in that sense. So I can understand how to strategize. But my clan members have been helpful and I love them. Definitely the best clan ever, super sweet people.
  • لعبة زينه 10QR

    By 10QR
    شكراً 10QR
  • its terrible

    By candy⭐️❄️
    i played rush royale since the start and hasn’t spent a single penny on this game. the legendaries keep getting changed repeatedly and the game so far isn’t that nice, getting crit and grinding is much harder than you think, and i spent so much in game currency that i spent hours on for nothing. Any sort of plan or strategy i come up with is demolished update by update, and at this point it feels like we’re just being reset to scratch just to make progress then reset again. So many cards that were meta like thunderer, hex, boreas, demon hunter, shaman, cultist, are just being nerfed to the ground and everything being behind a pay wall upsets me. The in game isn’t as fun or alluring either and i dont think this game is fulfilling to me anymore, after repeated years of the same thing, “balance” and updates, being matched with monsters with 4k crit, getting full knight statue or grindstone in a match (And merging it turns into more grindstones or a dryad), and basically the entire game doing everything in its power to make me lose alot. I’ve connected the dots and its not surprising. great work rush royale.
  • Avoid- Too random

    By AXan106
    This game is one of the worst I’ve ever tested. There is no strategy as you periodically “disconnect” from their game. This happens on wifi connected to fiber and 5G. Regardless, the randomness of this game often places you with outcomes that make no sense - specifically losing and being overwhelmed while the stats display you doing hundreds of thousands of damage more than your opponent. In the paused result screen, and throughout your game, you can see your opponent’s enemy health being up to 10k less than yours on non boss enemies. Whether or not you win or lose is entirely up to a random outcome you may never see. I have lost matches before I was even loaded into them. And frequently you will see your opponents suffer the same fate. As with other games of this type, it is pay to win and everything including upgrades is walled off behind in app purchases. They push the requirement to pay more than any incentive to pay. I cannot recommend against this “game” enough in its current state. Avoid at all costs.
  • 2 times

    By rjcoyn
    This is the only game I have ever redownloaded and continued playing after a year + of no playing
  • Not like ad’s 😡

    By pocy joe
    You need a mini game event 🎮
  • WARNING do not get this stupid game

    By CgtrUjhghhgh
    This is the most idiot game I have ever found so for some people let you get like insanely powerful stuff and a very, very beginning of the game and we’re some people in even after they played this game for like 10 years and we give them like the second week that’s all they would have. This is the dumbest game I’ve ever discovered. Do not get it. No matter what this is so bad this is not even a recommend dating to not get just do not get it. I just hate it so much. I’m never gonna get it with this. Stupid idiot game. I’m never gonna get it done. You do not get it either. OK OK.
  • Trash

    By Judojoe469
    Every major update is just another way to get in your pocket … yeah it’s fun for about 2 weeks then it’s ad after ad ( I’m okay with that) but blocking cards and hero fragments behind bi weekly events or pay money to get them sooner … the gearing the hers a shipt to no pppopf gold that they stop f2p from farming in coop …. The devs are flat out monet hungry the season is 12$ MONTHLY the devs need to give back they lost some many players over this dog water of a game
  • Very fun game I say check it out

    By James Goodenough
    This is a fun game to play it can get frustrating but it takes a lot of strategy and h need better units to progress to take down stronger foes I personally have not had any luck getting a really good unit but ima keep trying and do good but over all u should try this game out if u see it