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  • Not helpful for tournament information

    By Laurie2010
    If I were to develop an app to handle sports registrations, I would include an easily accessible link to determine when and where the athlete plays. This shouldn’t be too difficult since the app requires you to log in, so the information for that specific player should be tied to their login account. I would make it available when they logged into the app, not some random email they received or have them scroll through a list of 9+ different draws hoping to find their name and still not having a location except the vague high school name, since we live in an area with giant high schools.
  • UTR

    By Wassupbwoski
    It’s an awesome website to look at tennis rankings
  • Coach

    By Denbubba
    This is a unfriendly program. It is very hard to submit information. There is no direct link to include score, input schedule, stats, set roster, etc. Why do I need to input current location rather than place of event?
  • Don’t do the update!

    By vsrshublm
    The original version of UTR was awesome when it was just tennis. I updated earlier today and it’s terrible. I wish I could go back to the old version. Everything about this is bad. It’s slow and laggy, the majority of player’s names cannot be fully displayed because the designer chose font size over logistics. And I hate the main “page” that it opens up on. Extremely unhappy with the update. Please go back to a more similar setup as before. I would’ve given the old version 5 stars.
  • I still have to use website from desktop…

    By JustinM83
    So many things you can’t do from the app which in turn means you can’t do from your phone (because UTr links automatically launch the app) For example you can’t click to view tournament details on history page, you can’t easily view club details, you can’t even get and share your own UTR profile link! It’s been like this for a while which really makes you wonder if the makers are even using their own app
  • Not competitive play— issues grouping

    By Luke Gatten
    My league has people who are rated 1 and 2 playing along people who are rated 4. I asked to be paired with people who were close to my level or higher. Instead I am paying to play matches against people who offer no competition. It is not fun for me and it is not fun for them. I could have just played against friends for free. The app could be great, it just needs to group people who are similar in ability, people who are rated 1.xx should not be playing people who are 4.xx, etc.
  • Miles

    By Tpero 123
    Always have to provide a mile limit - any should be an option
  • New apps

    By gennopalmer
    Me gusta el apps de UTR y el sistema de ranking que llevan…
  • The Recent Play page is loading forever

    By Ysun17
    Recent play page is loading forever
  • Usable but needs improvement

    By Hayong1994
    The IOS app is slow/buggy. Having hard time finding friends on search. Also, i cannot post a score because I can’t find my friend i versed. And could not delete wrong score upload. Had to get into the utr website to post score and delete scores. Also wish I can do friend request type on the app too. Other than that, i am excited to start my journey with UTR.