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  • More skin tones.

    By savanaoonanabanana
    Needs more skin tones, and no not anything but paper white is “diversity”.
  • lack of diversity

    By vicky7365
    Recently, Hoyoverse has developed the Sumeru region, which is based on Egypt and the Middle East. What the company has failed to do, however, is create a diverse cast of characters and NPCs for this region. Hoyoverse refuses to make darker skin-toned characters for a region based on countries with people of brown and black skin. Instead, they created white characters with outfits filled with stereotypes. If you decide to play this game, do not spend any money on it or actively support the company producing this game until they give us the representation we are asking for.
  • Lacking representation for the cultures it bases itself on

    By Velvacie
    Iv been playing Genshin Impact since it’s first ever update. It has been a game iv enjoyed and have had fun with for a long time. I’ve put money into It multiple times and have dedicated hours to playing it. One of the things that has kept me playing is the characters and beautiful world. However, the game has its mechanic flaws and already had a lack of representation for both skin tones and body types. But with the upcoming nation it has already made it clear that they will not be providing the same level of research, care, and representation that is present in the previous regions. The lack of representation is extremely clear now. Many many fans of the game hoped that the release of Sumeru would provide us accurate portrayals and skin tones associated with the swana region it’s based on. Instead we have been shown a jumbled mess of countries thrown together. Mondstat is based on Germany, Liyue is based on China, and Inazuma is based on Japan, why couldn’t they have picked a specific country and accurate representation for Sumeru as well? All the npcs we have seen so far in the game and through teasers are all white with no hint to any characters having a variety of skin tones. This has upset me and many fans of the game. Frustrating enough that I will no longer be spending money on this game and am considering not playing at all unless changes are made. This game is hurting many people.
  • The lack of representation is astonishing

    By Izzyinfinitee
    In the new leaks for sumeru (a new region based on Southwest Asia and North Africa) there is only ONE character with even close to darker skin. Another of the characters is literally a walking stereotype. It is ridiculous how light skined all of these characters are. Genshin needs to do better

    By mochiiqq
    Mihoyo refuses to add more poc characters even though nearly all their characters are pale-skinned. Sumeru is based off of persia. Those persian characters have pale skin.
  • disappointed and disgusted

    By lhnkmma
    i enjoy this game and play it often but the racism and colorism is so crystal clear that it’s getting hard to support hyv. we all know hyv has the resources to create well researched and well rounded characters based off of countries that aren’t predominantly pale skinned. you spent so much time making sure every little detail was a cultural nod in the characters of mondstat, liyue, and inazuma. where is that for the characters of sumeru? it seems like sumeru is being handled horribly. do better.
  • No Diversity

    By Emluvscats
    Genshin impact lacks so much diversity, honestly the game would be soooo much better if the characters had different skin tones. Thats why it’s getting a 1/5 stars from me.
  • Upset

    By Jhonathan.Aaa
    I have spent money on this game, time and effort and the lack of effort genshin puts in to make a single character a deep skin tone is upsetting. They base regions off of my people and yet they are still the same pasty white model. Do better
  • Please add more diversity.

    By pluto _
    There is a whole area bases around the middle east and most of the characters are even lighter than the Mondstadt characters! You can do better than that.
  • Representation

    By GoddessOfNightNyx
    Heard rumors that the designs for Sumeru characters aren’t good at all >:( if that’s the case I don’t like it