The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

By Netmarble Corporation

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-03-02
  • Current Version: 1.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 298.65 MB
  • Developer: Netmarble Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.70756
From 117,696 Ratings


Beyond epic - the ultimate massive-scale RPG [The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross]! The stunning anime game that fascinated the world! Experience the original anime and all of its memorable battles! ◈The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Key Features◈ ▶ Dynamic combat with skill rank up system and powerful ultimate moves Combine skill cards to upgrade to a higher rank! Use and combine skills to trigger an "Ultimate Move" Heroes with strong "Associations" use "Combined Attacks" to perform more powerful ultimate moves! ▶ Various PvE systems that perfectly reflect the original anime! - A real-time 2-player co-op mode to destroy brutal demons in "Death Match" - Daunting challenges to help you grow more powerful heroes in the "Training Grotto!" - A new series of progressively more powerful enemies returns every season in the "Tower of Trials!" - The Seven Deadly Sins have turned evil? Experience "Final Boss" challenges! ▶ Unique character appearances and costumes [The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross] introduces never-before-seen original costumes that are only available in the game! Customize each collectible character according to your own sense of style! ▶ Thorough and authentic implementation of the original anime [The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross] showcases a perfect implementation of the original anime world! The Holy War legend that ended 3,000 years ago begins anew. Prepare for the Holy War with the characters based on the original story rendered in high-quality 3D animation! ▶ Utilize your own strategy in real-time PvP! Challenge other players by forming unique teams and testing synergies of the characters you collect! Compete in real-time PvP against players around the world! ▶ Join a Knighthood and enjoy the various guild content! Cooperate with Knighthood members around the world to achieve greater growth! Defeat the powerful Knighthood boss battles that change every season with your guild members! Work together and prepare for war, competing against Knighthoods all over the world! ※ Recommended Specs: - iOS 9.0 or higher - RAM: 2GB or higher ※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings. By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. - Terms of Use: - Privacy Policy: ※ Optional access CAMERA - Allows the camera for AR function to take pictures with AR characters. PHOTO - Allows the application to read from the external storage.



  • PVP = P2W

    By Illadelph42
    Do not get it twisted at all game is fun but PvP is 100% Pay to Win.
  • Black market Bounties

    By Cheomuniz
    The game is real great and I thought that well special enemies and characters that you can fight or get so they will be called bounties , counties are ranked from copper, Silver , Gold , Diamond , platinum , and a very hard bounties to come by , it has a 00.1 percent chance of seeing it , they’re called cosmic encounter as five different versions and they’re called , demon abyss , Holy grounds , monstrous fogs , adventurous roads , two more rare variance Are the coming of legends and the ruins of myth , I would like you to add them and how they work is is you have to go back to previous levels and Encounter bus is in enemies that weren’t on that level last time you were on it And new drops well appear but you can’t see themSo that’s all I would like you to add this feature , ok goodbye for now from mr zab
  • FYI

    By Huge huge bet
    The game is pvp based (imo it’s the best thing abt it), but it’s so whale friendly it’s comical lol. Pvp used to be fun, now with all these OP characters it’s absurd haha. The whales will always win when they have 6/6 ults on OP characters when myself, like many other F2P players, stuggld n get smacked around in a battle we had no chance of winning. Game is too wangle friendsly, and if you wanna put money into the game, go for it, you’ll be at the top of the leaderboards in no time. Summon rates are a joke unless you put money into the game. Not even worth the download.
  • The game is Honestly Amazing !!

    By somedudeiknow
    All I have to say is thank you for such an amazing game, its really easy to understand and fun to play through. Hope it becomes better and better with each update !
  • Luck maybe

    By Mr. Make some Happen
    I been playing this game off and on for few years now . Very easy to pick up and learn . Login every other day,accept your daily rewards.. The Rng in this game has been well to me. Summons lately has been NICE! and just be patient and grind . The game will reward you when you log in everyday and take advantage of the the Free summons by watch ads . I’ve gotten Top Tier Characters by doing so . Enjoy
  • Screw this Game

    By goT6389
    I don’t care what others say i say F this game all my data my 2 year account on this game is gone. Why cause the stupid sync data said my password was wrong and I changed it before switching. Plus I took a picture of it to remind myself on what it was. So this why I say F#%£ this game and not only that they treat global like crap I don’t know whats going on in the head of Netmarble but we need new workers there cause y’all aren’t doing y’all jobs well to let hackers steal all the raffle rewards for the second time. Thats it with this game its not worth it anymore if someone see this word of advice don’t get hopes up thinking you can transfer your data cause like me they think it’s wrong and you lose everything you work so hard to built and to what let it be lost forever never to be used.
  • Drop rate fix

    By bhchcgxtcuvyxydth
    Drop rates are too low i am 5 summons away to finish the new meliodas banner and still only have one of them
  • Good game but

    By blackraiderr
    I played this game back when the Re: Zero collaboration happened, and I remember that I got one of the collaboration characters, but when I deleted the app and re-installed it, I was logged out of my account and I can't get back into that account. I'm almost certain that my Apple ID was connected but it was apparently not connected yet. Same with my FaceBook and E-Mail accounts. This also seems to be a common issue with other people, so it might be something to look in to.
  • Amazing

    By Fraty64
    Honestly if they were to do other anime games like this id be hella happy best way to do game app’s right here.
  • Episode 197 - Esterossa Boss

    By The Amazing Noob
    Let me first say, This game is amazing it’s characters are fun and aren’t too hard to get. It is pay to win however Still fun as a free to play. Overall game is pretty good but there’s one thing I Absolutely HATE about this game and it’s the boss battle against Esterossa in Episode 197. He can debuff you each time you attack while he debuffs himself he also gets a buff for every debuff (what?) he heals 50!% of health if you don’t attack him oh and btw he has an ultimate that will counter you if you attack him essentially taking away your attack which is a free heal for him. AND he gets his ultimate SUPER EASILY in ONE turn! This is just stupid at that point. What are you trying to do devs? Drive new players away? I don’t care if you wanted it to be challenging…NOBODY wants an OVERPOWERED boss in the early phases of the game…just terrible level design on your part. Fix this boss for gods sake it’s literally the worst thing to ever exist.