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Create highly personalized jet lag plans based on your chronotype, sleep pattern, itinerary, and personal preferences. // Condé Nast Traveler: “Say goodbye to jet lag” // The Wall Street Journal: "Indispensable" // Travel + Leisure: “Game-changer” Travelers are constantly bombarded with bad advice from non-experts and false product claims, resulting in many persistent misconceptions about jet lag and how to alleviate it. It's time to replace the myths with real circadian science: In your brain, you have a 24-hour circadian clock that regulates nearly all of your biological functions. Jet lag is caused when your sleep/wake and light/dark cycle shift too quickly for your circadian clock to keep up. The only way to reduce jet lag quickly is by shifting your circadian clock to the new time zone. Light is the most important time cue for “shifting” your circadian clock. Light exposure and avoidance, at the right time, will significantly accelerate your adaptation. Seeing or avoiding light at the wrong time — as often recommended by non-experts — will shift your circadian clock the wrong way making your jet lag worse. Timeshifter will help you reduce jet lag by addressing the underlying cause – the disruption of your circadian clock – as well as alleviate the disruptive symptoms, such as insomnia, sleepiness and digestive discomfort. All the features you need: Circadian Time™: Advice is based on your body’s clock Practicality Filter™: Adjusts advice to the "real world" Quick Turnaround®: Automatically detects short trips Pre-travel advice: Start adjusting before departure Push notifications: View advice without opening the app Timeshifter’s benefits are well established. Based on ~130,000 post-flight surveys, 96.4% of the travelers who followed Timeshifter's advice did not struggle with severe or very severe jet lag. When NOT following the advice, there was a 6.2x increase in severe or very severe jet lag, and a 14.1x increase in very severe jet lag. Your first plan is free. After your free plan, purchase individual plans as-you-go or subscribe for unlimited plans. Timeshifter is a paid service. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Timeshifter is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and is intended for healthy adults, 18 years of age or older. The Timeshifter app is not intended for pilots and flight crew on duty. Terms of use: www.timeshifter.com/terms/terms-of-use Privacy policy: www.timeshifter.com/terms/privacy-policy



  • It worked for me!

    By Oregonkj
    Coming over to Europe from the West coast US, it totally worked! I am coming back home next eeek, the schedule is a little more arduous but it worked so well coming here, I am going to give it my best college try! I have the hardest time sleeping on the plane but it worked for me anyway without sleeping.
  • Really Works

    By Berkeley Mom
    I discovered this app several trips ago and it really makes a difference for me. Time and light changes have always been a challenge for my body to manage and Timeshifter mitigates that by spreading the change over several days. It really does work!
  • Worked perfectly

    By suewarnke
    I followed this for my first trip to India from the US. I was worried about jet lag but I had none! I was completely shifted by the time I landed. And not only that, but I’ve had some of my best sleep while here. Huge fan.
  • Magic

    By Lindseyrogers
    I was suffering really terrible jet lag travelling often from Sydney to New York. I tried time shifter and it helped me hit the ground running. No grogginess and 3 am wake ups. I would always use on my big trips.
  • Great for long travel!

    By miranda beth
    My friend suggested I use this app for my trip to Bangkok. I found it very easy to use and loved when it told me to sleep/nap and drink caffeine. Overall I feel like this app helped me adjust to +13 time change when traveling to Thailand and back. Will definitely use when I go on another big time travel trip!
  • Works

    By Dafonzie37
    Two trips to Asia (13 hours) and this had me snapped to the time zone within a day. The before and after can be tough to stick to (especially the caffeine) but it definitely does the trick. I’ll update after a year of use
  • Got kicked out of app, can’t get back in

    By Butch11208
    I chose to use my Apple ID to sign in. Got my first trip plan, and was reviewing it. The app closed unexpectedly. I tried 5+ times to reauthenticate using my Apple ID and it kept getting stuck on the page showing all the sign in options. So I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, tried again, same result. Then I created a new account with my email address (different from my Apple ID email). It got stuck on the white screen with the sun shining, then threw up an error - Unauthorized Access, your token has been revoked. Piece of garbage app. Learn to code.
  • Invaluable Aid for Long Trips

    By Staccato P
    Timeshifter gets my strong recommendation for transoceanic and other long trips. I have previously used Timeshifter for trips to France, Scotland, and Spain, with good results. I had never been able to follow its recommendations completely but enough to achieve some pretty good results. This week, I left Florida bound for New Zealand, first flying nonstop to Los Angeles, then connecting flights to Sydney, Australia and Auckland, NZ (that third flight added travel time but saved us thousands of dollars). Despite a total travel time of 36 hours from leaving for our home airport to checking into our hotel in Auckland, when I awakened after sleeping a little less than the recommended ten hours, I felt very much the same as when I normally get up at home. I I did my best to follow the plan and managed it better than ever before, but not perfectly. But having insignificant jet lag after such a long trip across the international date line was amazing. I find this app a must and will continue to use it and recommend it.
  • It works!

    By reenie 24
    Trust the process, it works! We used it from Boston to Qatar to Kochi India.
  • Easy and effective

    By MeToo4746
    Really appreciated ease of use. I folllowed the guidance and had negligible jet lag going west coast to east coast. Excited to try for a longer haul trip!