Age of Origins:Tower Defense

Age of Origins:Tower Defense

By Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited

Score: 4.19998
From 54,791 Ratings


Over 70 million downloads worldwide Kill zombies, form alliances, and lead human civilization back from the brink of doom in this zombie strategy MMO! The zombie apocalypse threw humanity into the dark ages. Now, YOU are the light in the darkness. SURVIVE by raising massive armies of machines, explosives, and gritty human soldiers. REVIVE civilization by slaying the zombie hoards, rebuilding your city, rescuing refugees, and bringing new global prosperity. THRIVE by forming alliances with other commanders from around the world, crushing your rivals, and seizing the Capital so YOU may lead the new age of humanity! Because in Age of Origins, the walking dead may be a dangerous but human schemers and backstabbers are the real threat! SURVIVE - Recruit, innovate, and slay! Build massive armies of human grunts, killer machine guns, and high-tech laser cannons. - Heroes win the day! Recruit unique characters to lead your army, including a sexy international spy, a mad scientist, an honorable sheriff, and more! - Fight the many faces of death! Mutant Zombies, Zombie Bears, Death Mothers and other gruesome dead creatures await your challenge. - REAL TOPOGRAPHY! You must march and expand strategically up, down, and around a REAL 3D map of lakes and mountains! The right route is the difference between life and death! REVIVE - Clear the zombies hoards! Reclaim your city block by block, rebuilding hospitals, housing, and farmlands alongside tech and and weapon centers! - Scavenge for loot and rescue Refugees to increase Prosperity and keep your city growing! - Watch the World Map change before your very eyes! You’ll unlock new Prosperity Phases for a more developed world, bigger bonuses, and new gameplay! THRIVE - Speed, crush, and DOMINATE! Your alliance will rule the map with real-time battles of hundreds of players marching and converging as one! - Form HUGE alliances with real-world players around the world, through diplomacy or daggers and deceit. The zombie threat is just the beginning! - Rage massive clan wars for land, resources, and tech. Only ONE alliance can claim the capital and elect the President! Do you have what it takes, Commander? The war for LIFE begins now! Connect with us on Facebook: Twitter:



  • 100% Money Grab

    By Rufnek0
    This game is semi fun. I think all the micro tasks that make you pay to win or get ahead is in very bad taste. It takes the fun out of it. After you get around level 18. The resources are harder to come by and again your pressured into spending money daily or wait until you have the resources to upgrade. If you get attacked while you wait your screwed. It probably explains why I see such a high turnover rate with players in this game. I get need to make money but this game is plainly in your face greedy.
  • It’s a money pit

    By TallGuy2370
    Update: Camel games’ use of pay to play has gotten so extreme that players in War and Order are on strike. We are not spending on game until Camel makes wholesale changes to make the game less expensive to grow a castle and play is fun again. Camel produced some low hanging fruit changes and offered some better packs to entice spending. We are holding firm on our commitment to not spend. There are strike breakers but majority of the big spenders are holding firm. If you’re playing any camel games consider joining the spending strike. You’ll be helping yourself in the long run. June 2024. #FixWAO. Build up your castle for free until you grow impatient and start spending. You think you’re not going to spend much and then you see your cc bill. Working against you is tapping all the freebies. It’s subtle training for spending. Don’t believe me? Good luck. BTW, I’m a USA player and the pack prices are different by country. The WaO packs cost a lot less than they do in the AtoZ game for USA players. The chinese players pay the least. That’s not fair at all. I was contacted to update my review because developer responded. The response is cookie cutter PR garbage. I changed my review from 2 stars to 1 and frankly think this is a zero star ripoff game. Reverse the sort feature so you can read all the 1 star reviews. They say the same things I have. This game is rigged to entice you to play and make you spend. If you’re easily addicted, run!
  • Refund Request

    By Forget Camel
    I'm requesting the full amount that I paid to be returned for this game. I did not purchase to play and not be able to enter the game. I gave enough time to fix the situation and I will seek full reimbursement. This is my final notification.
  • Not as advertised

    By empiressuck
    Simply put gameplay is nothing like the ad. It’s a strategy game with zero instructions and little chance of seeing a level like the ads. Basically 10,000 items to level up and build but no guidance on how to do it or why. At some point you may or may not play a level that looks like the ad but good luck figuring out how.
  • Way too complicated

    By Jcinaz
    Game Nothing like the ads make it to be.
  • Robbed.

    By Dumped.
    Was kicked off the game and forced to start over. Please explain why. Didn’t break any rules. Will not be starting over. Unexceptionable..! Goodbye.
  • They steal your progress

    By Gamekrash
    Lost my phone (collision fire) when I tried to log in from a new phone my commander disappeared (level 26) all my farms intact (level 17) but main city robbed. This is a very expensive game, you need to invest if want to be competitive, now I’m gone and they can take all my farms from free to play against who? Everyone is leaving this scam.
  • Great game, but not as advertised!

    By Max Myking
    I love this game and I have been playing it for over a year, but those pictures and videos on the app page, are not even in the game. I don’t know why they show fake videos to get you to download it, but it is worth it if you stick with it past level 10.
  • Frauds and tricksters

    By Victimizedd
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. If you purchase any in game packs, they can and will charge you WHATEVER amount they wish. I bought 2.99$ and 6.99$ pack And was charged 40$!! If you request a refund from the app store, your account will be deleted. SCAMMERS! CON ARTISTS! THIEVES!
  • sunk cost in game form

    By djamesnm
    this is a game that requires spending to compete- then, builds into the sunk cost theory that you’ve already invested, if you were foolish enough, as i was to spend an accumulated total of more than $1000 USD. much of the game is designed to be slow and methodical- the “events” that happen allow for a minimum of involvement for free, the absolute minimum, and increasing your position- “city strength” is functionally impossible with stronger players coming after the resources you struggle to collect over long periods of time- the little dopamine hit you get from purchasing a $2.99 pack wears off quickly because that purchase quickly becomes too little for much effect, so you purchase a $4.99 pack, then a 9.99 one- and soon $50 is spent- which, as the theory goes, seems wasted if you don’t spend more to advance. i’m done - after 6 months on the game, and hours staring at the screen for not much to happen- i’m ready to step away- permanently