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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-14
  • Current Version: 5.10.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 229.02 MB
  • Developer: Zynga Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 3.679
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Looking for a way to enter the world of magic? Well then look no further than Bounzy! - the newest title by Gram Games. You’re a mage, facing an onslaught of fantastic beasts. Using your mystic powers, fight them back, and protect your town. As your spells strike the beasts, they will lose health - just make sure they’re fully vanquished before they reach you. Each attack you stave off will reward you with a chest. Destroy all enemies to find its key and unlock valuable diamonds and gold, which you can use to improve your strength and skill. The more powerful your spells, and the stronger your defenses, the more likely you are to succeed. Visit the laboratory to build the strength of your spells. Venture into the academy to learn special spells that will help you to defeat the enemies. And make sure to maintain the strength of your wall - these beasts have a knack for breaking through faulty barriers. Think you can protect your town? Try Bounzy! today. Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at



  • Ads..?

    By AikoKinnn
    Love this game. Redownloaded it after years. Paid $5 because it is a good pass time. But no ads = no pop up ads only? It’s ridiculous you have to watch an ad for 50% bonus when you literally paid for what you thought was getting rid of ads….
  • The ads are killing the game!

    By Battle badgeworth24
    Not 100% literally but the ads have gotten more annoying than just small banners at the bottom of the screen! It comes with 2 problems: 1: This one was happening way before the next one, but some ads just delete all the audio from the game with the only way to fix it is by restarting the game! This one is not as bad since it means I can just put on a music video to listen to but I love the OST of this game and I’m sad that it’s not on YouTube. 2: This was the most recent; one of the ads literally forcibly sends you to a scam website as soon as it appears even if you aren’t touching the screen! Sure the “No Ads” thing would definitely get rid of those issues automatically, but I’m a F2P gamer so I have to just deal with the ads, which if they acted like normal I would be fine with but considering how they are now, this game went from a 5 stars, down to 4 (from the audio bug), and straight down to a 2 because of how consistent the audio bug is + the inclusion of the scam ad. I don’t blame you specifically or anyone in your team if it was a group project, but this is an issue that definitely needs fixing for it to become a 5 star game again. (Stupid ads ruining the fun…)
  • good game, however.

    By Toltz.
    this game is good and fun. however, i remember a while ago playing something similar to this game. it had the same concept of hitting monsters with the same mechanic of the shooting balls. although, in the game i remember playing the balls were magic and had aspects of the 4 elements as per usual. i reme there being armor and a more complicated set up whihc was more entertaining. now i played this game on an Android however, when i checked on my google play games history this game was there in place of the game i remember. im not sure if this is the game im talking about and it just got bought out by another company, or maybe it was a completely different game that i simply cannot find. other then those facts this game is good and worth the play, jist thought I'd mention that there was a game similar to this one that seemed more entertaining. i want to say i mean no offense to the creators of this game as it it a very entertaining game itself.
  • Newer phones

    i love this game a lot and have been playing for a while, but now that i have a newer phone the screen isn’t fitting and makes it a little hard to see the full screen.
  • Amazing game but

    By funiopalej
    I’ve had this game for years and i have an iPhone 11 I would love to play it but the game is not fit to my screen I would love if they fixed this
  • Fun game but…

    By BatmanBW02
    A very fun game, my only real issue is the fact that it doesn’t fit the screen right on my phone? Rather frustrating…
  • 1/5 stars

    By steeve the bee
    Game gets progressively harder until completely unbeatable. >:(
  • Buggy after being out for soooo long

    By Matthew_K.
    Same game for years, but still buggy. Where are my power ups going?
  • One of the greats.

    By Perkoteacher
    This is one of those great old apps that just brings back memories. PLEASE I beg of you, add something new. I’m not sure if the App Store is the place to put a challenge out, but for those that see this, let’s make this game explode. I’m talking millions. Share it to everyone you know, and say if we get this game more populated, add a warring feature where you can attack others players, maybe new bad guys, and new spells. It would be amazing!!! Keep the original format though, and make it one of those true No Ad games. I’m counting on you! Thanks for creating this game. Let’s make it blow up.
  • Can you support bigger screens already

    By JaiZo24
    We’re almost in 2023 and this game hasn’t been updated to look good on bigger devices like my 12/13 pro max or bigger iPads. ….