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  • Release Date: 2016-04-06
  • Current Version: 5.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
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BassForecast is the hottest Bass fishing forecast app. In our Pro Angler catch rate study, 68% more Bass were caught per hour than the average during top 20% BassForecast Rated days and a whopping 305% more during top 10% rated days. Designed exclusively for avid Bass Anglers and powered by AccuWeather, BassForecast analyzes many variables proven to affect Bass feeding behavior to produce a BassForecast Rating (BFR) from 1 (very tough conditions) to 10 (excellent conditions), for each day over the next 10 days…for any location worldwide. Knowing the feeding mood of the fish helps you in 2 big ways: #1 – Our rating system helps you plan 10 days in advance to be fishing during the highest rated days, which increases your odds. #2 – Our new Adapted Patterns section helps you figure out bass catching patterns faster…even on low rated, tough days. How many times have you left the lake wondering what you could have done differently? BassForecast Adapted Patterns offers Location, Presentation and Bait Tips, dynamically adjusted to each day’s conditions, rating and season. Most importantly, BassForecast automatically updates its Ratings and Tips based on real-time weather forecasts & conditions. Just enter your desired fishing locations and BassForecast does all the work for you. To develop its proprietary BassForecast Rating system, BassForecast researched temperature transfer reports from water engineers and bass feeding behavior research reports from fishery biologists. The system analyzes past actual and future forecast temperatures applying the Temperature Time Lag Effect© because water temps LAG air temps. It also adjusts for seasonal hours of daylight, wind speed & direction, moon phases, peak feeding periods, sky conditions, rain….and atmospheric frontal conditions since Bass feed more actively during a rapidly falling barometer and less actively following a rapidly rising barometer. Everything you need to plan the most effective Bass fishing trip are in this app! And now ALL users are provided an automatic, No-Commitment & Risk-Free, 5 Day Trial of BassForecast Premium. Premium Users have access to: • 10 Days in advance BassForecast Ratings so you can pick the best days (and times) to Bass fish • 10 Day Forecast for Adapted Patterns to give you new ideas on Location, Presentation and Baits so you can figure out how to catch bass more consistently. • Complete Pattern Recommendations including Top 5 Recommended Baits, Top Lake Structures to Fish, and Presentation Tips for every day in the upcoming 10 days, are all adapted to changing weather patterns, the BassForecast Rating, and proven seasonal catch data • Push Notifications of “Good” and “Epic” days to Bass fish 10 days in advance • Understand the Environmental Factors at Play with “BassForecast Explained” • Track up to 10 favorite fishing destinations simultaneously so you can compare and choose your destination based on live data • View AccuWeather 10 Day Forecast details in-app including temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed & direction, % chance of rain, and expected rainfall amount • Access GPS Specific Complete Solunar coverage including sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, moon overhead/underfoot & major/minor feeding times • Quickly view 10 days of past weather information to plan your fishing strategy so you can see how your locations have been affected by rainfall amounts and wind direction to help locate Bass • View 12-month Calendar function for planning future trips around long range new and full moon phases • Store catch data, location, rating, pictures, dates and conditions in the Catch Log, which can be shared or kept private • Monitor approaching fronts and storms while on the water with in-app access link to live local Radar Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:



  • App works great

    The app seems to work well. It’s just hard for any app to be super accurate because in spite of moon phases the weather can throw a wrench into a fishing trip. But overall this app is a winner.
  • Rip off

    By WylieSC
    I’ve bought the premium subscription twice in past year, and it’s asking me to purchase again 6 months later. And to top it off never received the $10 gift card, the owner states that deal expired even though they still market it on the app. Total rip-off !
  • Dependable!!

    By Roger Herrington
    Oh I always check out BassForecast before I make a fishing trip! I always love the beach choices and helps me narrow down to what I would like to use!
  • Nugg

    By fliberax456
    I like to tickle the bass when I catch them. They get mad so they shake and so I let them go back to their water. Good app I don’t know why I have it but good app
  • Consider me impressed

    By heete weefee fuwu fava
    I’ve had a lot of different fishing apps and this is buy far the best one I’ve had yet. The major thing I was impressed with was how the app doesn’t practically force you to buy there premium membership which is nice. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against premium memberships but when your app is practically useless without it consider me out, this is not one of those apps.
  • Good app, could be a lot better

    By jamesw123456789987656
    So this app is a good app in all, but one thing is that the calculator that looks at all weather variabilities needs to take into account if it’s really cold outside like in Minnesota right now it’s November and open water fishing is still on for like a month or something and it would be terribly hard to get a bass to eat with such a low water temp, but the app says it’s a “good” day or “fair” or whatever, like no it’s not haha. I would like an honest prediction for if I’m going to be wasting my time out there!!! And yeah yeah I understand how good of a day of fishing it’s going to be without this app as far as temp, but it could help others. Also why does every app like this have to have a premium? Like I know the creators could be making a living off of it but like they might be able to make more if they just had everything free and had enough people write perfect 5 star reviews, idk.
  • Why do they make everything premium

    By Matt Picarello
    The App. Was great for fishing I loved it and totally made everything premium I don’t understand why if they made it pay for the entire app that will make more sense but I’m not paying our 2.99 every month I don’t recommend this app because they just are hungry for money
  • Could you please make a kropy/crappie forecast🎣🎣🎣❗️❓❗️

    By Allen Carter
    I Love The Accuracy Of The BF App, But Could You Please Make Another For The Kropy😢❗️❓❗️
  • The app almost tells you everyday is a mediocre day

    By xadmyangt
    The app almost tells you everyday is a mediocre day. I have had the app for several months (3+). I’ve never seen the app tells you solid an epic day. Obviously I have had epic days during those predicted mediocre days. Even they said there will be epic days in 4-5 days, when the days getting close, they will change them to mediocre days. They just want to play safe so people who don’t know how to fish will not blame them for not catching fish during the predicted epic days. Not sure how useful the prediction is. The predictions are almost not informative to me. But they don’t charge your much, comparing to the other popular but non-informative app Fishbrain.
  • Fine

    By Sharkeshanequa