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  • Lame

    By NabilKachab
    They let me pay for and purchase the Glory Heavyweight Grand Prix and then sent me an email saying it wasn’t available in my country (US) and there was gonna be a bunch of things I had to do to be refunded… I’m furious
  • Rip off

    By ShaneTrain31
    If you try the free 7 day trial, there is no way to cancel. Then they’ll ignore all of your attempts to cancel and continue charging you $7.99 a month forever. You’ll get no replies to any contact you try to make with them. Stay far away! Edit: after several attempts to contact them, they cancelled my subscription and refunded one of the five months I was charged.
  • What is the point of the captions button?

    By robyn280
    Why is there an option to turn closed captions on if they’re never going to appear on screen? I want captioning!
  • BKFC

    By Covidkillah
    BKFC is the only reason I got his app and it hasn’t let me down
  • Love the app what happen to points system?

    By Luzywoozy23
    All of 2023 I got back into watching Pro Wrestling while dealing with some mental issues. Now I’m grateful for all the PPVs I watched this year and can’t wait to see more in 2024. Just one question. What am I going to do with 6 points left lol I want a free PPV Thanks
  • XPTV Sports

    By xptvsports
    You have all of our content on this streaming app without our permission, it’s called XPTV Sports someone contact me. Todd
  • Airplay and Casting doesn’t work anymore

    By ZiM1021
    Been dealing with this for the last two AEW PPVs I’ve bought - can’t use Airplay or cast to my TV. Just crashes. Don’t know what happened as it used to work perfectly. I’d like to watch what I paid for on a bigger screen. Please fix it.
  • What are we paying for?

    By BoRevere
    Everything is at a much lower bitrate than other streaming apps (compare it to BR or WWE on peacock and it's a literal joke). And now everything buffers constantly even at your garbage bitrate and resolution? No thanks. There are better options.
  • Airplay and Casting Issues

    By dfyjbbyc jk hun
    I just downloaded this app and I am already noticing few issues. When I am trying to cast to my Fire TV cube, it continues to load. The connection is unsuccessful. Also, when I am using airplay, the connection is successful, but lags while watching on a TV. it’ll play for a few seconds, then freezes. This is disappointing I’m not gonna pay a monthly subscription just to watch it through the phone. Nor do I wanna hold a phone for hours. I’m not gonna get a phone holder and I’m not gonna lay in bed to watch it. Now, I understand you guys are the few apps that offer the best values when it comes to combat fights, live sports, etc. I’m all for the app. But if you can repair these issues, I will definitely subscribe and be a long term subscriber.

    By Alterchris
    I would like to see dynamite live not one month passed