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  • Terrific game!

    By ikelby
    What a great way to unwind. And no, you do not have to spend money…I am in the 1600’s level (playing for over two years) and I did not spend a dime. Just be patient and enjoy the game for what it is. Update: still playing and up in the 2000’s level….and still did not pay anything. Great game. Another update….I am now in the 3400’s level…still did not spend a cent. What can I say, it is a great way to relax….if you are patient. Still a great game!
  • Great game!

    By Stargazer4sure
    Love the graphics…enjoyable!
  • Best Game

    By Jubilee-Inspired
    Love, love, love this game! It’s a game you play for hours!!
  • Evening Relaxation

    By RRyker
    Fun and relaxing to play
  • Love it!

    By Enter and enter again
    Challenging and Relaxing! No ads! No pressure! Love it!
  • Great game

    By 278xyz?943
    At this point I am the highest player. I have never spent a penny to play so all the people complaining that they are being scammed are just not being truthful. It is a game of strategy and it does take some time to pass a level. But it is a game and that is what it is supposed to do. My only issue is that in the past it has had some freezing issues but once King has been told about it they have fixed it. Not always in the most timely fashion but it does get fixed. I hate the 60 second ads that have Ben added recently. Too long when playing a game.
  • Greed & forgotten

    By Frrrr real
    This game used to be my go-to. They haven’t added ANYTHING new to the game like they do Candy Crush. The levels want a particular color but that color barely appears on the board. No daily wheel. It’s just the same ole same game from when it was released. Give the players things like Candy Crush. You all more focused on it than your other games. You have to constantly play levels over 50 times to pass it. It wont load at times and you will lose a live. That’s not fair to player because of your negligence to your game. Make the game excited for players. None of my friends on my board plays it anymore. They said it boring and not fun anymore. So I don’t receive lives nor growth from anyone when request for them. King, you all need to come on with the come on, with this game.
  • Shuffle cats

    By Alaya alhajri
    Please release the shuttle cats game again i cant find a good and interesting game as it was Please please please
  • My game won’t go past level 4259

    By BlackbeltQuilter
    I’ve played and cleared this level 4 or 5 times, but it is stuck there and won’t move forward to the next level. 🤬
  • No money needed

    By 62and counting
    Just found my review again I still love this game everyday I’m almost 67 close to finishing 6000 levels no money ever spent and the farther you go you get more so that’s nice does make it easier to finish a level (Jan 2024)….. I am level 4107 and have not spent a dime and I am 64 years old this game is very fun and challenging. Now they do put a lot of things in some of the levels but once I stop and look at what is really needed to win the level it becomes easier. The higher you go the more free things you get ie baskets and gloves thanks a lot P.S. please do not stop this game I love it play it everyday P.S. thought I had sent this last year but I never did still love this game I play it every day on over 5000 level still have not spent a penny and won’t. But do have one thing it seems the more I play the more I feel like I see the same game on different levels am I seeing things but still love playing